Best Way to or from AC and Xcalak, Mex?

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Best Way to or from AC and Xcalak, Mex? - 12/16/02 04:42 PM

First, I'm a newbie to this board and it looks like you all have a great thing going here. I've checked some of the archived messages but I couldn't find all the answers, so please bear with me if this topics been covered before.

I'm trying to find a low-hassle, affordable way from Xcalak, to AC or vice versa. The XTC dive center runs a one day ferry service but the price seems incredibly high for a similar service from Corozal or BC.

What are the prices for a boat ride from AC to Xcalak and who runs them?

Although crossing the frontier at Chetumal/Corozal is common enough, I'm not sure there is reliable bus service to Xcalak, or Majuahal.

Also my wife and I are looking to go to Tikal. How many days off of AC is neded to do it with out being rushed?
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Re: Best Way to or from AC and Xcalak, Mex? - 12/16/02 11:32 PM


A belizean water charter can pick you up in Xcalak. The gas alone is $95US, as I just went up for some tacos and beers, for a small speedboat with a 150hp. The transfer will take you aprox 45 minutes.

No mass or public transit at this time.

You may want to pick up a transfer from Mahahual to Chetumal and then into Belize by bus. This would be the cheapest and not much more time. Its all good paved roads from Xcalak to Chetumal.

Swimming is also an affordable option. laugh

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Re: Best Way to or from AC and Xcalak, Mex? - 12/17/02 05:09 PM

It is much easier to arrange with the dive shop in Xcalak who come here (during busy periods)at least 3 x a week.The dive shop is run by two Canadians who are great fun and they will help you with leaving Mexico and arriving in San Pedro.
It is the cheapest and easiest way(when you get to Xcalak you will understand why)as just the drive to Chetumal is 3 hours.
To Tikal the cheap way is to take a water taxi to Belize city -catch a minibus to Flores (20usd)and spend the next day in Tikal.The following day reverse the trip only problem you have to be up at 5.00am
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