Termites in Belize.

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Termites in Belize. - 09/29/03 07:12 PM

I've read that termites are a big problem in Belize. Are both subterranean and drywood species prevalent in the coastal areas? Any Termitidae experts out there?

Thanks, Tom W.
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Re: Termites in Belize. - 09/29/03 07:32 PM

Lotta "Wood Ants"
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Re: Termites in Belize. - 09/29/03 07:35 PM

Walk through the forest and you will see large termilte nest attached to trees. Open a book that has been sitting in one place for while and chances are good that it will be hollow. They are just a member of Belize's wonderful diverse animal/human/insect/bird population. There are , however, a number of ways that the locals keep termites out of their homes.
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Re: Termites in Belize. - 09/30/03 03:39 PM

which are?
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Re: Termites in Belize. - 09/30/03 03:46 PM

spray with selignum (spelling) is one way but the cost is fairly high 50bzd. per 5 litre can.
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