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Posted By: marge

Full Moon - 01/19/06 03:09 PM

What's our best chance of seeing Whale Sharks, departing from AC. Full moon is Feb 12 and we'll be there then. Should we book a snorkel trip to Caye Caulker that day or snorkel to Hol Chan. Opinions please from those who know?
Posted By: Phil

Re: Full Moon - 01/19/06 06:44 PM

I like the positive mental attitude in the hope of plural sightings but sadly, from San Pedro, your chances are close to zero - although they are out there, it's a big sea. Reliable sightings are found a week or so either side of the full moon March - June where they feed late afternoon at the Snapper spawning grounds off Gladden Spit east of Placencia.

Contact Brian Young at SeaHorse Diving for more accurate info and if you fancy a trip from there he is your man - I have been lucky enough to see them each time I have been out with him over the last four trips. Words do not do justice to a sighting. Yes Craig, I was looking the wrong way to see the alleged Hammerhead!!
Posted By: Dan Carey

Re: Full Moon - 01/19/06 07:19 PM

from what I've read, casa's right: February's full moon might be outside of peak season for Whale Sharks. Ambergris Caye might be a little too far north, as well. But good luck, whneever and wherever you go.

Posted By: marge

Re: Full Moon - 01/20/06 03:33 AM

Thank you for the link. Wonderful views of these creatures. Sounds like I'm not going to see them personally. Wow, what great video.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Full Moon - 01/20/06 05:21 AM

Keep a good thought. While you definitely shouldn't count on such a thing happening, some friends of mine saw a whale shark off San Pedro in September, a few years back.
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Full Moon - 01/20/06 06:05 AM

Can anyone suggest a place to go to see Manta Rays or spotted rays? Some guests that we spoke with last August took the kayak out of Capitan Morgans and had a great encounter with a spotted stingray, but I have yet to swim with one...
Posted By: seashell

Re: Full Moon - 01/20/06 06:10 AM

I've seen many, many, many spotted eagle rays off of San Pedro . . .but never a manta.
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Full Moon - 01/21/06 11:01 AM

Is it suggested that we might see or have visions Of Mantra Rays in Plancia?
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Full Moon - 01/21/06 11:08 AM

No problem,if not, just want to be wishing!!
Posted By: GailM

Re: Full Moon - 01/21/06 02:37 PM

Manta Rays prefer open waters so chances are slim. I grew up in Belize and only saw mantas twice (and only jumps), once on the way to a two week camping stay at Half Moon Caye and Northern Two Cayes and more recently, a few years ago fishing off of Glovers Reef.
Now spotted eagle rays are fairly common and there is nothing quite like snorkeling eye to eye with one. The areas that I have seen the most (btw...this is one of my favorite fish to observe) is next to Carrie Bow Caye down south and if you are ever at South Water Caye, they come into the lagoon just about every morning to feed. This past summer I "visited" with one just about every day that is was at SWC and the reason I knew it was the same eagle ray is that it had three barbs on its tail.
Posted By: WhiteWater

Re: Full Moon - 01/21/06 03:04 PM

On AC, we've seen lots of eagle rays on each snorkel trip that we've gone on. It seems to be a very good possibility that you'll see them, and often you're in ~8ft of water so you really feel like you are swimming with them.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, we did a Manta ray night dive and swam with at least 6 Mantas. One had an 18ft wingspan. The boats set up a light at the bottom of the ocean, and the rays come to feed. It was amazing, having all those huge rays playing around us. The divers sit on the bottom and try to stay out of the way, but many of them got bumped pretty hard as the Mantas looped and swirled.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Full Moon - 01/22/06 11:32 PM

Eagle Ray Canyon is just outside the reef at Hol Chan and is part of the marine reserve. Although they spend most of their time outside the reef they do cruise through the snorkel area. They are majestic. I have also seen an Electric Ray at Hol Chan on a night dive and there was one a couple of years ago between Amigos Del Mar and Mayan Princess docks.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Full Moon - 01/23/06 05:48 PM

Electric Rays are fairly common on the sandy areas between seagrass beds in shallow water just offshore. As are the Eagle Rays inside the reef where they come to feed, but they're usually closer to the reef which is harder to get to as it's not within swimmable distance for most mortals, or recommended to those that can with the amount of boat traffic.

There's tons of good stuff to see in the grass beds around docks so long as you're careful to keep an ear out for boats coming and going and you need to be patient, have a good eye, go often and be prepared to see a lot of seagrass! As the nursery grounds for many juvenile fish who rely on camouflage to survive it takes a bit of time to find things but there are lots of species and I have see on a reasonable occurrence Batfish, SeaHorses, Octopus, Lobster, King Crabs, Sailfin Blennies, Various Shrimp and Shellfish, and lucky enough to see once each a Bull and a Lemon Shark.
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Full Moon - 01/24/06 07:30 AM

Casa Coracol, this is so ture about the shallows, you get to see an amazing anount of life, but I'm in search of Manta Rays.. Thank you all for the recent posts on Mantas!! I will have to decide where to go next, after San Pedro, of course..
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