Use of Corals for Fill Material

Posted By: Marty

Use of Corals for Fill Material - 01/23/09 07:15 AM

Public Advisory on Use of Corals for Fill Material

Belmopan - 22 January, 2009

The Department of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, have received reports of developers using corals as fill material for cayes.

The Department of the Environment is hereby advising the general public that the use of corals, especially live ones, for such activity must cease immediately. All reports of such activity will be investigated jointly with the Fisheries Department, and offenders will be prosecuted.


For further details please contact:

Department of the Environment
10/12 Ambergris Avenue
Belmopan, Belize
Tel: 822-2542 / 2816
Fax: 822-2862
E-mail: [email protected]
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Re: Use of Corals for Fill Material - 01/23/09 02:59 PM

[Linked Image] Imagine using coral from the reefs for landfill! It sounds unthinkable, right? But that’s just what was happening on Bread and Butter Caye in the Stann Creek District. It is due east of Sittee River and these pictures show that developers were using living brain coral as landfill. Well now, the Department of the Environment has issued a warning advising the public that use of corals, particularly live ones must cease immediately. The release says that all offenders will be prosecuted.

Channel 7
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Re: Use of Corals for Fill Material - 01/23/09 11:09 PM

More pics from Bread & Butter
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Re: Use of Corals for Fill Material - 01/24/09 05:36 AM

Thanks for the pictures. Nothing wrong with using conch shells but egads - living coral!!!
I look for followup on this.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Use of Corals for Fill Material - 01/24/09 02:28 PM

From CH5 News:

James Azueta
“The Fisheries Department brought charges against Delbert Cansio, the watchman, and then Duane Miller, who was the owner of the caye, we took them to court in Dangriga under the Fisheries Act we charged them and they were fined nine hundred dollars for the offence. Under the Fisheyes Act we can charge them up to a thousand dollars and six months imprisonment or both. But they were charged nine hundred dollars.”
Posted By: Barnacle

Re: Use of Corals for Fill Material - 01/24/09 02:32 PM

i'm impressed!!! not only did they do something about it, they did it fairly quick!!

good job!!
Posted By: skippy

Re: Use of Corals for Fill Material - 01/25/09 05:17 AM

Slaps on the wrist are supposed to stop this? Belize is not serious about the destruction of it's treasures IMO. And before anyone says "in Belize $900 is a King's Ransom!" no it's not. It's $450 US and these guys think it was worth it, no doubt. Jail and a $1 fine, then that would show the government was serious about this kind of thing. Someday maybe.
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