Where have all our sharks gone in Belize?

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Where have all our sharks gone in Belize? - 06/02/11 05:27 PM

This really is a great video about Belize and our delicate ecosystem. I think it should be a required video for all school children.
Where have our sharks gone?
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Re: Where have all our sharks gone in Belize? - 06/02/11 11:55 PM

Definitely a great video, but rather late and not promising any action. Ten years ago it was not possible to dive off San Pedro without seeing at least several "real" sharks (ie. not nurse sharks). Now it's normal to dive for a week and not see a single shark - even nurse sharks have become rare except in known gathering spots.

And why? Fishermen in San Pedro are constantly catching sharks, and will not listen to any argument against it. A while back I witnessed local "old-school" fishermen landing their catch in the centre of town - included were four juvenile sharks, one a hammerhead, all dead. When it was suggested that diving and fishing were incompatible, it was said that"we have always lived here and have always fished, and we're not going to stop". When someone suggested it may be made illegal, the response was "laws are for gringos, not Belizeans. San Pedro is a fishing village and always will be".

There is a major education programme needed. One of those fishermen was brother to one of the people in the film speaking so eloquently against shark fishing.
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Re: Where have all our sharks gone in Belize? - 06/03/11 12:24 AM

The Belize Shark Project are doing a great job collecting data, producing research and doing education and outreach. You can find out more about them and how to support their work here: Belize Shark Project

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