Screw-pine (pandanus) fruit

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Screw-pine (pandanus) fruit - 08/06/11 11:33 PM

From Diane Campbell:

For those of you who have not seen a screw-pine (pandanus) fruit, they are pretty amazing. Here is a photo of some that are growing in our yard. They began to appear in January and they just keep getting bigger and heavier. The large (bottom) one is about 18" long and must weigh 10 pounds - the whole plant is bending under the weight.

I've read that some varieties of the pandanus fruit are edible. This is growing on the variety that does NOT have saw-edged leaves. Does anybody out there know if this one is edible and if so how is it served? I recall reading somewhere that the seeds are also used in Indian cooking but can't find that reference.

Simon seems to know everything, maybe he can help? Whomever gets the info gets a taste! We have about 8 of these globes growing larger by the day.

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Re: Screw-pine (pandanus) fruit - 08/07/11 01:47 AM

The seal of Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii features the hala tree, in part because lauhala, the art of weaving with the leaves of that tree, is pivotal to the history of the island, with everything from houses to pillows being made in this fashion. Local legend tells of an aged Hawaiian couple who lived long ago above the present Punahou campus, and had to travel far for water. They prayed each night for a spring, but to no avail. Finally one night, in a dream answering their prayers, they were told to uproot the stump of an old hala tree. They did as they were told and found a spring of clear, sweet water, which they named Ka Punahou, the New Spring. According to legend, Punahou School's lily pond is fed by this same spring.
President Obama attended Punahou School, one of the finest in the nation.
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I'm confused ..... but it was a great story!
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Sorry..I should have made it clear that Hala is the Hawaiian name for pandanus.
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Re: Screw-pine (pandanus) fruit - 08/07/11 07:22 PM

The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked and is a major source of food in Micronesia, especially in the atolls. The fibrous nature of the fruit also serves as a natural dental floss. The tree's leaves are often used as flavoring for sweet dishes such as kaya jam, and are also said to have medicinal properties. It is also used in Sri Lankan cookery, where the leaves are used to flavour a variety of curries. Leaves were used by the Polynesians to make baskets, mats, outrigger canoe sails, thatch roofs, and grass skirts.
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Re: Screw-pine (pandanus) fruit - 08/08/11 06:54 PM

Do you have recipes?
Area all varieties edible? If not, how do we tell about our own?
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Re: Screw-pine (pandanus) fruit - 08/08/11 07:25 PM

There's about eight different variaties but I have no idea which ones are edible.
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