Audubon celebrates 40 years of existence

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Audubon celebrates 40 years of existence - 10/21/11 03:06 PM

The Belize Audubon society has been operational in Belize for about forty years and today they have put together a photo exhibition displaying the beauty of Belize and the works of the organization. Dirk Francisco is Audubon's Publicity Coordinator.

Dirk Francisco, Publicity Coordinator, Audubon

Itís just a summary of what the Belize Audubon is trying to accomplish in the country of Belize. We are using this photo exhibit to bring about awareness of the work of the society for the past forty years. This exhibition has random photographs that we have chosen to showcase our work; some are scenic and some are of the people that work in our society and some are of our members, both from the past and the present. I am encouraging Belizeans to come and look at the work; it is here at the Image Factory in Belize City, so come join us in celebrating over forty years of conserving Belizeís natural resources.

Dirk says that the photos capture Belizeís pristine beauty and it also highlights the goals of Belizeís Audubon, that is to create a balance between development and the Environment.

Dirk Francisco, Publicity Coordinator, Audubon

We just have a few photos of the old Audubon society; some are monotone and some are black and whites, but most of them are from the early 90ís to present. In these photos that we have up here, some are from an artistic perspective and some are just beautiful sceneries. As someone who works with the Belize Audubon society, I always have a camera and at times you will see beautiful things, sometimes you see ugly things and sometimes some quite artistic forms in nature. So what we have here is a mixture of all of those.

Persons interested in viewing the exhibition can do so at the Image Factory in Belize City.


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