Re: Jack-A-Roe?

Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Jack-A-Roe? - 03/08/02 05:45 PM

rhon...70's here today!!! my forsythias are starting to bloom. so weird for march. still sort of waiting for that end-of-april blizzard.

jar & mike- i haven't seen a moving picture of the dead in well over 10 years. sometimes i wish frank shared musical taste with me (and my love for AC). best we can do is watching chris isaak's show in showtime. and we both really like steely dan.

i did treat myself to american beauty & reckoning on cd. (with 2 little ones, private time is a rare thing). i listen by myself in the hot tub & stare at the stars. i can almost smell the clove cigarettes...
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