VIDEO: 13 German Shepard Puppies 1 Day Old

Posted By: Marty

VIDEO: 13 German Shepard Puppies 1 Day Old - 02/25/13 01:59 PM

Our dog Chaya had 13 puppies the other night, bringing our grand total to 18 guard dogs! It was quite an experience. There were 12 there when we went to bed, but surprisingly, lucky number 13 popped out sometime during the night. This is a movie of their first day in Belize at Lower Dover Field Station & Jungle Lodge in Unitedville.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: VIDEO: 13 German Shepard Puppies 1 Day Old - 02/26/13 06:08 AM great, but I know you will do your best by these pups. Mom dogs cant take care of so many. You should think about bottle feeding them once or twice a day. Giving Mom some suppliments. You will end up with 3 or so runts that cant get on the nipple, they will need extra help. I know you ar a great doggie daddy just 13 pups are so hard to thrive and on Mom....Its cute but a serious situation. P,M, me we can set you up with nursing bottles for pups and suppliments. We are off to the Zoo tomorrow with a group of children so they can see the animals of thier countryland, but will get back to you.
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