Fun Dolphin video...

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Fun Dolphin video... - 04/30/15 10:29 AM

Dolphins at play in Belize

I'm convinced they appreciate fast swimming things like boats and skiers. These DPV's seem to fascinate them. Juan calls the site 'Captains Canyon' its just in front of the dive shop.Notice when she turns it off and holds out her hand they get board and go away, but she turns it back on and they come back.

Ecological Niche Modeling of Three Species of Stenella Dolphins in the Caribbean Basin, With Application to the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve
Dolphins of the genus Stenella occur in pelagic waters of both tropical and warm-temperate oceans. Three species, the Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis), the pantropical spotted dolphin (S. attenuata), and the spinner dolphin (S. longirostris) are abundant worldwide, but in the Caribbean Basin they have been poorly studied and information on their distribution patterns is scarce. Specifically, in Colombia’s remote Seaflower Biosphere Reserve (SFBR) S. attenuata has been reported occasionally, but S. frontalis and S. longirostris have never been recorded before. To address this information gap, an ecological niche modeling approach was used to determine the potential distribution patterns of these three dolphin species in the region. Records of these species for the Caribbean Basin were compiled, including both published and unpublished data.

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Re: Fun Dolphin video... - 05/18/15 10:18 PM

Dolphins: two males showing off to a female

If you watch you'll be able to tell that there is a female and these males are courting her. especially two particular males. I think the divers just happened upon some mating dance. From Elbert Greer.

Dolphins off Ambergris Caye

One of these divers just got certified. From Elbert Greer

Diving with Dolphins on B&D Ambergris Caye Belize

We saw dolphins in Belize, but on that dive my GoPro was out of charge, so I couldn't record our most phenomenal dive of the week. However, we managed to make contact with another diver in an adjacent group who sent us this video. You can hear the dolphins clearly and see how they were chasing the hapless sharks around. They paused to check out the divers, then went on their way.

Hello Ocean: Dolphin Research in Belize

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Re: Fun Dolphin video... - 05/19/15 01:35 PM

[Linked Image]
Men are all alike.
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Re: Fun Dolphin video... - 11/30/16 02:54 PM

Pod of Dolphins, Belize, November 2016

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Re: Fun Dolphin video... - 03/05/17 12:32 PM

Bottlenose dolphins in Belize

On any given dive, you never know what you'll see when you jump into the water, it's an exhilarating feeling. In this case, mother nature provided the highlight of our trip when these four curious bottlenose dolphins investigated us for almost 20 minutes, coming in amazingly close. You can notice them nipping playfully at the harmless nurse sharks around us and hear them constantly talking to each other. The human screams of pure excitement are from our fearless and impassioned dive master, Dimass. It was a real honor to share the ocean with these sentient animals in such an intimate way, easily one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
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Re: Fun Dolphin video... - 12/03/18 02:04 PM

Dolphin with DPVs
The Divers visiting seem obsessed with diving a different location each dive. I say it swims around. This site is in front of the Dive Shop.
White Sands Dive Shop
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Re: Fun Dolphin video... - 05/02/20 11:40 AM

Dolphin swims up to scuba diver and invites him to play in the soft coral

Scuba divers everywhere dream of seeing wild dolphins, and many live that dream, seeing one from afar. The lucky few even get a close look at these beautiful animals as they swim close for a curious inspection of these clumsy humans in the water. When a diver has a prolonged encounter with a dolphin, you will hear them speak about it happily for many years.

What happened to this diver was even more incredible. As he swam over the reef and approached a collection of soft coral swaying in the current, a large dolphin swam right in front of him and began swimming around in circles, performing acrobatics and looking him right in the eye with what can only be interpreted as an invitation to play.

The scuba diver holding the camera is a dive master named Nito, but he is known around the world as "Big Sexy". One of the most popular scuba masters in Belize, he has a serious fan club. Guests who come to Chuck & Robbie's Scuba Diving from all over the globe seek out this operation for their professionalism and dedication to safety. But they fall in love with the fun-loving personalities of the staff, and they go home feeling like family. One of the most charismatic of the bunch, Big Sexy works extra hard to show his guests the amazing sights in his underwater world. He teaches them diving skills and keeps them safe, but he also has a way with animals, and encounters with beautiful creatures are common when you dive with him.

This dolphin repeatedly swam in front of Big Sexy, looking into his eyes, and performing acrobatics, The flips, rolls, and slow passes left everyone in awe and wonder. These are wild creatures in their own habitat, approaching this diver completely on their own terms. Looking at its beautiful face, it almost seems like it has a smile as it looks at him. There is no doubt, Big sexy had a wide-eyed smile throughout all of this as well. This playful dolphin made this one of the most memorable dives he has ever had.

As the coronavirus keeps everybody in the world guessing about when things will return to normal, these gorgeous animals and pristine reefs await those scuba divers who are dreaming of getting back in the water. Big Sexy and his crew have their fins ready and their tanks full, eager to lead groups on adventures like this.

Yahoo News
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Re: Fun Dolphin video... - 10/13/20 11:04 AM

Dolphins 20th July 2020 from Janet Owen on Vimeo.

Video copyright of Fragments of Hope, Belize, uploaded by The Earth Museum for mapping purposes.

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Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins - April 6, 2021
We had a really cool interaction with a large Bottlenose Dolphin and some Atlantic Spotted Dolphins at the end of one of our dives off San Pedro, Belize
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