Lobster Season Set to Reopen

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Lobster Season Set to Reopen - 06/09/20 10:26 AM

Closed since February 15, June 15 is the day many Belizeans have been patiently waiting for Lobster Season reopening. In just a week, Belizeís 2020-2021 Lobster Season will officially reopen; fishermen will set to sea placing their traps down with the hopes of catching these delectable crustaceans. Handmade traps, called shades, are strategically placed on sandbags amongst seagrass, where these delectable crustaceans roam. Spiny Lobsters can also be found hiding under rocks and ledges, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings. Free divers are pros at spotting the lobsterís long antennas that poke out from in between rocks crevices.

On average, lobster of Belize take three to five years for maturity. However, lobster needs to be larger than three inches and its tail must weigh at least four ounces to be considered a legal sale. Be a responsible consumer for Lobster Season 2020 and memories these regulations! While we love grilled lobster for its sweet, smoky meat against the caramelized shell, we also love being sustainable.

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster, also known as Panulirus Argus, has become a favorite dish at restaurants countrywide and a profitable marine export product. Every season, restaurants revamp their menus, offering delicious lobster specials you donít want to miss out on. Grilled Whole Lobster, Lobster Ceviche, Seafood Lobster pasta are just a few dishes to look forward to. So while there may not be any Lobster Festival to officially celebrate the 2020 season reopening, be sure to add this local favorite to your menu once open!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Lobster Season Set to Reopen - 06/15/20 05:17 PM

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Today marks the opening of the 2020 Spiny lobster season. Lobster is one of the most economically important seafood products for Belizean fishermen.

As the season kicks off, don't forget there are still regulations to follow!

- Minimum carapace length is 3 inches.
- Minimum tail weight is 4 ounces.
- No person or establishment should have in possession fillet or diced lobster tail.
- It is illegal to have in possession any soft shell lobster or females with eggs (berried).
- It is illegal to remove from any female lobster any eggs or spawn or the setae or fibre to which any eggs or spawn are or have been attached.

Remember, an open season doesn't mean free for all. Fish responsibly!


The Hol Chan Marine Reserve would like to wish all Fisher Folk a successful Lobster Season! We ask everyone to fish responsibly by observing all Fisheries Regulations. Please ensure that you are in possession of a valid Commercial Fisher Folk License issued by the Fisheries Department.

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is actively patrolling and enforcing all Fisheries Regulations. We are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our Marine Resources and in assisting with the protection of the livelihoods of our Fisher Folk.

If you suspect any illegal activity please contact the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Hotline at 614-3625.
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