Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins

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Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins - 04/16/21 10:24 AM

With the start of sea turtle nesting season (April to late August, peaking in June), let's be aware of the value and importance of the beaches on northern Ambergris Caye. Sea turtles no longer nest at many previous sites, and some areas north of Tranquility Bay Resort are the most valuable Green turtle nesting sites in Belize. The nests (mostly Loggerhead and Green sea turtles) do not look like obvious nests (see the photo) and people may inadvertently ride over them, picnic or BBQ on them and also disturb the females waiting to come ashore and lay their eggs. Robles Point (often mistakenly called Rocky Point) is particularly sensitive. The Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve is a World Heritage Site and has become a popular day trip destination. Without laws in place (and awareness) to protect the beaches and sea turtles from traffic of all kinds, it's up to individuals to make wise choices in the best interests of the conservation of Belize's beautiful places and wildlife (especially the endangered species)

The marine turtle nesting season in Belize starts in May and ends in November.

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Photo by Rosemary Smith
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Re: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins - 04/19/21 05:30 PM

Following my recent note about the importance of the beaches on Northern Ambergris Caye for sea turtle nesting

There a plans to put up signs to alert people about nests and also block off Robles Point from vehicles (see photo of golf carts parked and people picnicing on this most important beach, often mistakenly called Rocky Point). Henry Brown is the biologist for the reserve. Please report observations of any turtle crawls so that they can document them and predict laying day as well as hatching date of species. #(+501)6254983. Messaging is better because of the cell phone service up there. It's sea turtle nesting season! So think twice before you drive and bbq on those beaches. Until the reserve staff have the funding to put up signs, barriers and do patrols, it's up to individuals to do their part in protecting these endangered species.

Rosemary Smith

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Re: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins - 04/20/21 11:04 PM

How about clearing the ridge 'road' so we don't need to drive on the beach? Me & my guys, in the years past, have worked on it but there seems to be a few .people who want to keep the 1st section north of Tranquility blocked.
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Re: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins - 05/14/21 10:40 AM

Visitors to northern beaches asked to NOT LITTER; these are sea turtle nesting grounds!

[Linked Image]A group of island residents made it their task to clean up a popular beach area by Robles Point in northern Ambergris Caye filled with rubbish. Many of the discarded items are non-biodegradable and pose a threat to the delicate natural environment and the nesting grounds frequented by sea turtles each year. If this practice continues, it will tarnish the natural beauty of these beaches, and sea turtles may never return to nest. Persons visiting this area of the island need to do the right thing and not leave their garbage behind after picnicking.

Islander Elito Arceo visits the area often and was disappointed when he stumbled onto the eyesore. Items left behind included plastic bottles, rum bottles, disposal plates, soda cans, and even used diapers. According to Arceo, these beaches far up north have always been popular, particularly on weekends. The area is isolated from the hustle and bustle of San Pedro Town and provides visitors with total tranquillity and natural beauty. The problem, however, is that after a day enjoying these remote beaches, people do not pick up their rubbish. Instead, they leave it there, becoming a hazard and an eyesore. Anyone driving up there to enjoy a family day needs to leave the area clean, and if they see a turtle nest, not to disturb it. It is illegal and can lead to a fine and imprisonment if found disturbing the site or with turtles. Robles Point is one of the few remaining turtle nesting grounds. The nesting season usually begins in May through November. According to records from the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR), the main nesters are Loggerhead and Green turtles. Hawksbill turtles make rare visits. These turtles are endangered species and protected in Belize.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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Its official!!! We have located our first sea turtle nest for this year's sea turtle nesting season 2021!!! If you come across any sea turtle nest do not tamper with it and kindly report it to Hol Chan Marine Reserve @ 226-2247

Hol Chan Marine Reserve
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Re: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins - 06/08/21 05:32 PM

Linda Sea Henry Brown
A possible sea turtle nest directly in front of our house (it could be that the turtle changed her mind). Vehicles should definitely not be allowed to drive north of Tranquility Bay Resort during sea turtle nesting season. The risk of nests being driven 🛻over is too high. Sea turtles could be disturbed by too much activity up and down the beaches and not want to come up to nest. There is also a high risk of people parking their golf carts here to picnic, fish or swim. Photos by Greg Smith (Turtleman).

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Re: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins - 06/10/21 04:50 PM

Its Turtle Week!!

We are happy to share that a Turtle hatchling found and brought in by beach trap fishers was successfully released on the barrier reef by the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve (BCMR) staff. This Turtle hatchling was stranded on the far western side of Ambergris Caye, so this Little guy was a distance away from the reef (reef on the eastern side).

As part of our Turtle Monitoring Program, vital data was collected before its release.

Fisheries Department

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