Goverment Corruption

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Goverment Corruption - 04/06/02 04:53 PM

For those of you who might be interested in another example of the problems Belize and it's people face, go to and look at the Guardian article titled "$50,000 plywood homes".

Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/06/02 10:00 PM

Yup, another fine example of what the current PM and his cronies are doing to the kind people of BZ. Looks like there's a couple more years of the pillaging and plundering left, at which point the International Monetary community will probably have to step in and try to undo the incredible looting of the country that has taken place. Did I hear someone say Fountain Blue? Airport re-sufacing? Barge relocation funding? Thought so.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 04:58 AM

the planes land though right? and anyways, its Belize, not the US, you cant expect things to be perfect in a country that small, you want my advice, dont go there if you dont like the way it is, cuz Belize is Belize and I love the place!
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 06:42 AM

Awwww, Come on Adam. We love Belize, too. So much so that many of us would like to spend a lot of time there, and some have invested in property and other ventures there. We are concerned that the financial situation and the government remain stable. There's nothing I can do about it, but at least I am interested, and I do like to keep semi-informed. That's all.

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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 07:54 AM

What size homes are you talking about? How many bedrooms?
I know the Mennonites houses are made of lumber and did not cost so much.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 03:41 PM

There is a picture of the houses in the article that gives you an idea of the size. The disturbing fact is the chairman of the goverment organization that funded the project sold the land to the corporation at a per lot cost of approximatly $46,000. The cost of the homes are $1500. Add septic and utilities and you approach the $50,000 figure. The land was swamp land that was filled. One of the many reasons the homes are not selling, is people know the next strong strom will wash the filled land away.
PS: Diveinflylots, I don't go to Belize. I am a resident that lives in Belize and I care about Belize and it's people. If less tourists had your attitude, and more took the time to be informed on a place they claim to care about, maybe it would help some even if only in a small way.

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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 06:04 PM

Seems like the only thing they can't find money for is a hospital, an ambulance, or any kind of emergancy medical at all in San Pedro.
Someone should be in prison for the money that was used up for all that empty housing, near the SP airport. incredibly poor quality, and no water or sewer or electricity.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 06:49 PM

How about we meet in person, anyone of you, and we can discuss this matter, so you decide that you and your fellow traveling buddies(the other people in this chat area), are gonna go to that country and change how its ran? LOL, do you have any idea the ammounts of drugs that are ran through that wondeful place? You think the USA is not involved? As long as Belize is a "funnel" of drugs, the curruption will never change, and as long as Belize has only 300,000 people, that change wont ever happen, you dont like hurricanes, than migrate north and get away from the islands and water......
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 09:28 PM

divnflylots: I think you might have dived too deep and flew too high without oxygen a few too many times. I am really having trouble understanding your logic.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/07/02 10:25 PM

I dont think thats it, I do have a different outlook on things I spose, but what I am saying is true, that place can be a tragic place to live, read the belize daily news, its not new news that Belize gov't is screwed up, its a 3rd world country, thats just how it is, if you ask me anyways, its all part of life and how one cannot have his/her cake and eat it too! as in you cant have paradise, all perfect and trouble free, it would just be too,........well,..too perfect, thats all
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/08/02 12:37 AM

OK divenflylots, I understand you a little better. Maybe I am the one alot of people have trouble understanding or agreeing with. But you see, I do not subscribe to the theory that one must born and raised in a country in order to have a positive influence on that country. The positive things accomplished by those who immigreated to the US debunks that theory in my eyes. And, I get a little tired of some on this board who try and equate the value of someones opinion based on how many times they have visited Belize. I also think that it is huge leap from trying to tell someone how their country should be run to taking the time and effort to better understand the country and the problems facing it's people. Goverment corruption in Belize is a big problem that has been cited in many topics on this board, the Wave Dancer Investigation being the latest. I am hoping that there will be some benefits to Belize that will come from that tradgety and the efforts of those involved which include many non-Belizeans. So I for one, intend to be as informed as I can on Belize and encourage others to do the same, ie. my reason for starting this topic. Because, I do believe that the things we do can and does have an effect on the people around us. REALLY caring about Belize invloves more than coming here and buying a few Belikins and taking a few dives.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/08/02 01:50 AM

Well actually I stayed there for 2 and a half months this winter, I am going back/coming back in July for about 6 months or so, now I spend all my money there for a reason, to help out those people. I dont need someone like you telling me all my money is going away to crap, and does not in fact, help out anything. When I came there last oct. I had never dove, I was trained and certified by Larry Parker himself through to PADI medic and NAUI advanced, I went to the blue hole 2 times and 1 was an over night trip I did with barefoot, the money goes where it should, the country works, just enjoy things as they are! there is always a north and a south pole! -Adam
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/08/02 04:33 AM

I see you are from moline?
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/08/02 06:00 AM

By the way... not to change the topic, but what ARE all of those little houses south of the airport?

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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/08/02 06:52 AM

Dear Adam: I don't think that the people who post information about actions by the Belize government that seem ill advised or improperly motivated are trying to discourage visitors like you from coming, or implying that money spent in Belize does not benefit the people. Rather, they/we are attempting to advise people who care about Belize about things that they might want to get involved in, to lend our support to the people in the local community who are trying to fix things.
There are issues, like the Challilo Dam, for example, that are of interest to nature-lovers anywhere in the world, and public outcry from outside as well as within Belize is very important.
There are many of us who frequent this board who are not Belizeans, but who have a strong connection to Belize because we are property owners or part time or full time residentsl have close friends or family members there, or for other reasons.
Many of us were involved in hurricane relief efforts (several times)and have a genuine concern about the impact that the next hurricane may have on the people of Ambergris Caye if non-hurricane resistant housing is built. Raising the consciousness of friends of Belize on these issues is an entirely proper activity.
You seem to have the attitude that "nothing I do makes a difference so why bother." You seem very young to be so cynical. One person can make a difference, don't ever believe otherwise.
I hope you can take a bit of inspiration from something that Robert F. Kennedy once said..I like this quote so much that I have included it in my email signature:
"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, these ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
I can perfectly understand a desire to stay out of controversial issues and concentrate on having a good time, that's quite OK...but don't put down the people who choose otherwise.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/08/02 03:53 PM

Well stated Susangg. Thanks for sharing your views. It's encouraging when people can use this forum to discuss issues other than the best place to party or where to stay and eat. Although I am not againts a good party and I am glad that the people comming to Belize have this source of info. But, when awareness of issues like this takes place, good things can happen. I think the efforts made by all after Iris are the latest example of what those who care can accomplish. Rich and Cherri's auction and Fido's benefit are examples that show just because you are not Belizean does not mean you cannot make a difference. So let's keep the dialog going on all subjects. And divenflylots, just to let you know that I not prejudice against those who just want to come and party, dive and go home to tell their friends about Belize and how much they love it, I will treat you to a Belikin and a dive on your next trip.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/08/02 05:21 PM

Well I hope you all know that I dont go to Belize for drinking and partying, now diving, diving is another story, I go to Belize to learn what its like to live in that country, eat with that country, and to put my money into their curculation, I meet kids and play games with them, I love that place and understand that one little ripple will in fact make a difference, however, I do not know exactly what goes on in that government, I know alot of homeless and jobless, some dont want to work and some dont think they should have to! People and problems will always be, and I guess.....well............... yes I do go to Belize to get away from problems and persue personnal pleasures. I love poeple too and nobody wants to see anyone suffer! Rick and Cheri are great poeple, one day, soon we will all sit together and enjoy ourselves!
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/09/02 12:10 AM

You are all right!!!!! BUT---------- all this problems about coruption and "money runs away" it is not only a third world problem. In US and Europe is the same. Only-------- they can cover it up better.And it is not about 50 or 100 grand, this are milliones and milliones of $ or Euro.
But ---- I still love if someone try to do better.Let`s make a different, that`s all about.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/10/02 05:58 AM

Yes, my husband and I were driving our rented golf cart out there last June. We were amazed at the huge development going on, without apparent utilities. Question: who is the "target group"? IN other words, who is expected to buy these homes? Have any of them been sold and/or moved into?
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/10/02 02:10 PM

None have been sold. The "target group" is someone than is stupid enought to pay probably 5 to 10 times what the property is worth and who does not care that the next storm will wash the property away.
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/11/02 02:57 AM

Those homes are totally a can of worms!!!!
It's like... WHO DO YA KNOW..... lol
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/11/02 03:10 AM

(y'all know that's not me, right?)
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Re: Goverment Corruption - 04/11/02 05:40 AM

Are you guys talking about the area known as, um, I think it is "Escalente"?
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