Cabinet Changes - June 2007

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Cabinet Changes - June 2007 - 06/04/07 11:45 PM

Cabinet Changes - June 2007

Belmopan - 04 June, 2007

The Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Said Musa, has advised His Excellency the Governor-General to effect a number of changes in his Cabinet.

Against the background of two Ministers being asked to leave Cabinet, the upcoming national Convention of the People’s United Party set for July 1, 2007, and the run-up to General Elections due within nine (9) months, the changes being made are as follows:

The Prime Minister has invited veteran politician, Corozal Southeast Representative, the Hon. Florencio Marin, into his Cabinet, and offered him responsibility for the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. Hon. Florencio Marin will be retiring at the end of this term. Former Minister of State for Labour, Hon. Valdemar Castillo will be appointed Executive Chairman of the Commercial Free Zone at Corozal to replace Hon. Florencio Marin.

The Hon. John Briceño has declined to accept any other post in the Cabinet.

The Hon. Eamon Courtenay [and Senator] has also indicated his unwillingness to continue to serve in the newly restructured Cabinet and the Senate.

The Hon. Vildo Marin will be appointed Deputy Prime Minister and retain his portfolio responsibilities for Agriculture and Fisheries.

The Hon. Rodwell Ferguson will be appointed Minister of Defence, Youth and Sports.

The Prime Minister will appoint Her Excellency, Ambassador Lisa Shoman as a Senator, and the new Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

The Prime Minister will assume the portfolio responsibility for National Development into the Ministry of Finance.

The changes in Cabinet will take effect on Tuesday, June 5, 2007.


Rt. Hon. Said Musa – Minister of Finance, National Development and the Public Service

Hon. Vildo Marin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries

Hon. Francis Fonseca, Attorney General, Minister of Labour, Education and Culture

Hon. Godfrey Smith, Minister of Tourism and National Emergency Management

Hon. Ralph Fonseca, Minister of Home Affairs, Public Utilities and Housing

Hon. Jose Coye, Minister of Health, Transport, Communications and Local Government

Hon. Sylvia Flores, Minister of Human Development

Hon. Michael Espat, Minister of Works

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Defence, Youth and Sports

Hon. Florencio Marin, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment

Hon. Lisa Shoman, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.


Hon. Mario Castellanos, Minister of State (National Development)

Hon. Marcial Mes, Minister of State (Education)

Hon. Ismael Cal, Minister of State (Home Affairs)

Hon. Dave Burgos, Minister of State (Agriculture and Fisheries)

Hon. Servulo Baeza, Minister of State (Natural Resources)

Hon. Ainslie Leslie, Minister of State (Works).

Ministers of State are not members of Cabinet, but may attend by invitation.

Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Cabinet Changes - June 2007 - 06/05/07 12:41 AM

Note that Johnny and Eammon were two ministers who would not support the PM on the UHS motion. But Johnny saves his future in politics by separating himself now from the Musa administration, which will work for him in the next two elections, much better for him in 10 yrs, cause there's no way PUP can win the next general elections.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Cabinet Changes - June 2007 - 06/05/07 05:29 AM

Every man for himself!!!
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Cabinet Changes - June 2007 - 06/05/07 11:21 PM

Min of Natl Resources shut down today when mgmt and staff walked out refusing to work with Marin. Could be contagious. Is Foreign Affairs next?
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Cabinet Changes - June 2007 - 06/07/07 02:03 PM

Ministry of Natural resources was back up and running the next day. More like protesting Johnny leaving rather than refusing to work with Marin.

Happens at almost every change over in situations like this. Good excuse for a day off!

Very possibly this is one of Johnny's better career moves. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Boy politics is such a complicated dance pattern.
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