Merry Christmas Taxpayers!

Posted By: Marty

Merry Christmas Taxpayers! - 12/13/07 04:06 PM

from a friend...
"GOB & Universal's Debt Debacle: A Slight Return?
Remember the Universal Health Services debacle? In May and June of this year, when thousands protested in Belmopan, four cabinet ministers were either fired or resigned over that single issue, and the Musa administration was plunged into crisis….it was the biggest news event of the past year – and while you probably remember, it seems government does not.

That’s because GOB is now asking social security to use your money to buy over Universal. It seems the deal with Belize Health Care Partners which has been a very slow work in progress is now in serious trouble but the debt to the Belize Bank stands, and the hospital is hemorrhaging cash. So now, government needs someone to step in and take it over. "

But fear not, because most of the folks getting screwed will not be able to figure it out!

"PAHO: Belize's Literacy Rate Plunges
For example, Belize is doing well with enrollment in primary school, ......................... only Guatemala and Haiti are lower. And that’s bad because that literacy rate went down 12.5% in the 14 years between 1990 and 2004, the only country in the Americas where the literacy figure decreased."

This ties to that trend in that other report a few weeks back that showed Bze deviating, around the mid 90's, from the upward trend of the other Latin American countries and actually trending downward.
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Re: Merry Christmas Taxpayers! - 12/13/07 04:07 PM

Yeah, but the mangoes are still sweet and the sea
breeze fresh! Can't take that away, can they?
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Re: Merry Christmas Taxpayers! - 12/13/07 04:12 PM

wanna bet?
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Merry Christmas Taxpayers! - 12/20/07 07:07 PM

About "literacy rates" - IMHO - I doubt that the reality of our population's ability to read and write has not gone down at all. My sense is that today's test for "literacy" is more stringent than in decades past. I beileve the old definition of literacy was the ability to read and write your own name - nothing more. Hopefully there is a more practical definithon today - one that defines skill-levels that make a real difference in how life is lived.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Merry Christmas Taxpayers! - 12/20/07 10:51 PM

Immigration probably also has something to with the issue as literacy is measured in English not Spanish.
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