Botched Attempt to Frame Senior Police Officer?

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Botched Attempt to Frame Senior Police Officer? - 03/14/08 03:04 PM

For some days now "Mr. Nipples" the host of the U.D.P. radio station's morning show has been silent on Chester Williams - contrast that with the first few days after the elections they were calling out for the Police Officer and Poet to be kicked out of the force etc. Now this:

The Peoples' United Party is not the only Belizean institution suffering from internal divisions. As we reported on last night's newscast, certain members of the Police Department are at each other's throats. But the bad blood between Superintendent Edward Broaster and Senior Superintendent Chester Williams involves more than just personalities, as Williams claims he and some fellow cops are being set up to take the fall for a murder they didn't commit. Today Williams spoke to the media including News Five's Marion Ali who asked him what's up between him and Broaster.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, O.C., Eastern Division "I wouldn't say, Marion, that there's a feud between Mr. Broaster and I. There's an ongoing situation between both of us that is being investigated and it is as a result of a situation which I'm certain that the media is quite aware. I see reports of it on the news last night. In relation to some bones that were through the Coastal Road which is quite obvious by looking at them that post mortem has been conducted on those bones. From what I have been made to understand, there is a certain officer who was running around last week with a statement given to him by an alleged informant saying that certain things may have been committed by police officers. I am one of those officers who are implicated in that report, I will tell you outright. I am one of those officers who were implicated and this certain officer was running around with that statement for last week even though seeing what those bones were like. It is obvious that it was something that was planted by someone in that area just in order to frame myself and a number of officers who are very close to me. It is a matter being investigated by the police. At the end of the day allegations could be made but what I have a problem with is the manner in which the allegation was dealt with. I have a serious problem with it because from all means, this officer who was running around is not an investigator, have never worked investigations in his entire life as a police officer but all of a sudden now he wants to be a murder investigator."

"I will say this plain, I do believe that they are trying to frustrate me out of my job but I join police because I have a passion for police. And I will continue to perform my duties as a police officer. I will not allow anyone to frustrate me out of my job. I will remain here. Whatever punishment they want to instill upon me by putting me in an office in Belmopan, I will endure the punishment. This world is round, what goes around comes right back around."

Williams denied he threatened Broaster, saying only that they exchanged some "hard talk". He also commented on what may be a related case involving the disappearance of Anthony Roches.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams "Yes we had some information that we were working on—myself and a group of other officers—I had given C.I.B. some directives to have followed in relation to that investigation and sufficingly it was after I gave that directive that this allegation with the bones through the Coastal Road came up. And since then the entire investigation seems to have been diverted and it is a very serious matter and I think the police department needs to do something about it. They need to look into it. A person is missing out there and we need to get to the bottom of it."

In short, Williams is saying that a fellow police officer robbed a grave, planted the bones off the Coastal Road and then tipped off the police that the remains were that of a victim killed by associates of Williams. Williams had been investigating the tipster in connection with the Roches disappearance. He claims the campaign against him is a case of political victimization and says he's contemplating legal action against the department, saying his transfer to a desk job in Belmopan has not been handled according to regulations.
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Re: Botched Attempt to Frame Senior Police Officer? - 03/14/08 07:20 PM

Politics aside, Edward Broaster "Brasta", is a friend, and seems to be a very nice man, and has won some international acclaim as a poet.
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Re: Botched Attempt to Frame Senior Police Officer? - 03/14/08 08:22 PM

And I have known Chester since he was a young pc with the biggest smile you've ever seen. He worked out of the little wooden police station we used to have at Central Park.
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