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gas prices - 04/08/08 04:07 PM

There was another increase in the price of gas over the weekend and this one has sent the price of a gallon of diesel over the $9 mark. A gallon of diesel is now $9.08. That’s an increase of 17 cents. A gallon of premium rose by 5 cents – from $9.95 to $10. Regular gas jumped twenty cents – from $9.70 to $9.90.

Last week the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Delroy Cuthkelvin said that there was really nothing they could do, especially as it pertains to diesel since the revenue replacement duty has been removed. He says best case scenario for ease at the pump after the new budget in June.

We’d say that the best bet is a light refinery for diesel fuel.
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 12:54 AM

Super Regular Kerosene Diesel
Cost of Fuel $6.1018 $5.1450 $6.8519 $6.5068
Import Duty $0.4496 $0.4496 $0.0000 $0.2665
RRD $1.0181 $1.7902 $0.0000 $0.0000
Environ Tax $0.1179 $0.0987 $0.1324 $0.1256
Freight $0.0700 $0.0700 $0.0700 $0.0700
Additive $0.0019 $0.0019 $0.0019 $0.0019
GST $0.8108 $0.7906 $0.7254 $0.7221
BC Pump $9.95 $9.70 $8.87 $8.91
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 01:39 AM

If you actually do the math add the first column it adds up to
8.57 not 9.95. Someones math is off.
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 04:17 AM

I too get 8.57
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 04:46 AM

I guess the rest is in country costs, delivery, profit, etc?? But I know several station owners and they do not make that much on a per gallon sale
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 06:20 AM

I suspect sales volumes here are so much lower than in the USA that margins per gallon need to be higher.
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 10:45 AM

What has come of the idea that the GOB would offer Diesel fuel at a discount within Belize??
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 01:58 PM

They cannot afford to discount the fuel costs, they have little or no money to work with.
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Re: gas prices - 04/09/08 02:15 PM

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