Latest census shows 240,000 Belizeans

Posted By: Marty

Latest census shows 240,000 Belizeans - 09/28/00 02:21 PM

The first preliminary data has been released from this year's census. On
May 12th, the official census day, the population of Belize stood at
240,204. this compares to the previous census on May 12th, 1991, which
showed that a little over 189,000 souls inhabited the jewel. the annual
rate of growth over the 9-year period was 2.7%, a full percentage point
higher than that which prevailed for the previous decade. Other major
points of interest include the urban-rural split, which stayed at 48%
urban and 52% rural. Orange Walk is still the nation's second largest
urban area, but San Ignacio is only 223 persons behind and gaining fast.
Trial Farm, with 3,443 people, now is the largest village, beating out
Ladyville by a slim margin of 8. And finally, the women of Belize may be
surprised to learn that despite all their talk of "man shortage" there
is in fact a 2,000 plus surplus of males over females. By the end of the
year, the Central Statistical Office should have a comprehensive report
ready for public release.
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Re: Latest census shows 240,000 Belizeans - 09/28/00 05:53 PM

Interesting statistics. It is hard to believe that here in the U.S., we have more than that population wise in one large city!
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