Land Title slowness

Posted By: Consuelo

Land Title slowness - 08/17/08 05:59 PM

Hi there - just wondering if anyone has any feedback on the length of time to get title registered right now - we do know they were making changes and things were halted for a bit while there was an investigation into some possible fraudulent transactions (involving prior govt) but has started again - however we've been waiting since mid April - much slower than we expected. We trust our agent but definitely thought would be all done by now.


Posted By: elbert

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/17/08 06:37 PM

not enough details ...sorry
you can find some very good information at
you might also call 501 822 0646
thats the Lands office Titles Unit

Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/17/08 07:04 PM

Thanks Elbert - my husband did actually call and speak with someone there - waiting for a call back or email in the next few days - although we do trust our agent my hubby is just getting a little cautious now about this delay - is it real or not etc.

Posted By: elbert

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/17/08 08:31 PM

I have a number for a Belizean lady that does title work for a living , sort of a paralegal for titles. I use her and have for a decade. PM me and I'll give you her name and number.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/18/08 01:32 AM

Thanks Elbert - for the moment just going to wait and see - but may get that for down the road.

Appreciate the feedback.

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Re: Land Title slowness - 08/19/08 02:20 PM

We bought a peice of property 2 years ago and still haven't received title for it, and are doing the paperwork ourselves. The election and change of government slowed things down, so they say, but how could it have gotten any slower than it was? You really need someone who is at the lands department every day, every day, every day, to push it through for you.
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/19/08 04:37 PM

That is slow, I had Claudio Azueta at South Wind get my title and it only took a few months, but he was on holiday while the paper work was being submitted.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/19/08 04:53 PM

I bought my property directly from the owner. Together we went to the lands department and paid I paid them BZ $300 to type up the necessary paper. I got my title within 2 months. This was four years ago.
It may be worth a trip to Belmopan. I don't know how it is now but it used to be that many people held things up waiting for an offer of a "special meeting" that cost you money.
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/19/08 04:58 PM

Too true Harriete, got my title this year.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/19/08 08:59 PM

Thanks everyone - our agent has been there a few times to check - he indicated he's only received so far 4 titles out of 38 that he has in for processing - he's been really frustrated by the slowness but says once the change over is all done it will be better in the future. He is experienced there and apparently has pull with people too. So I guess it will come when it comes - but hopefully pretty soon. I feel sorry too for the Vendor as although we are waiting for title - he is waiting for his money as it is held in trust until completion.

Yikes though - 2 years makes our delay seem fast tracked!


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Re: Land Title slowness - 08/19/08 10:50 PM

Our property is on the mainland and we are doing it ourselves. If we had used a real estate agent I would have expected much better performance than 2 years and counting.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/20/08 06:01 AM

Perhaps that title lady that Elbert has dealt with could help you guys out - worth a shot.

PS - I remember your gallery - we stopped in there in April - lovely.


Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/20/08 08:59 PM

Looking for more info on transfer of titles.
Should the land registry have agreement for sale in there office. If there has been a said sale of property?
Posted By: Conway

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/21/08 12:05 AM

Consuelo, who is your agent and how much have you paid him, it seems along time since mid April, we are thinking of moving there soon can you let us know
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/22/08 01:26 AM

I posted a reply yesterday but it's not shown up yet - Corozal Realty (Warren). He is experienced and is Canadian too - he's been there 4 years so he knows the system etc. He seems reputable - nothing negative showed up on the internet. So I do believe it is just the slow system there and that it will arrive eventually. Just my husband is getting a little antsy about it. It was actually about mid May before Warren was able to submit it for registration so just a little more than 90 days now (the storm wiped out the Kendall Bridge not long after we were there).

Posted By: SimonB

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/22/08 01:57 AM

"he's been there 4 years so he knows the system". Not knocking your agent but 4 years is a very short time. The best agents have been here for many years more than that, if not raised here.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/22/08 06:11 AM

I guess we'll find out eventually. But 4 years seems decent enough and he was doing lots of business with people when we were there - some were repeat customers.

Thanks though for the input, it is appreciated.

Posted By: elbert

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/22/08 03:59 PM

Shela Smith 600-4146
Shes been working with Belizean land titles about 25 years.
done a lot for me, shes practical, honest, and isn't expensive.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Land Title slowness - 08/22/08 04:18 PM

I've worked with Sheila too and would highly recommend her services.
Posted By: Scottybob

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/06/08 04:19 PM

DO you have an email for her? We have been waiting for our title for 10 months. The realtor is good about keeping in contact, but I am losing my confidence.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/06/08 04:42 PM

No email sorry just dail 110 501 then the # if your in the states.
Posted By: H20dog

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/06/08 04:46 PM

Elbert...I think that's 011 in lieu of 110.
Posted By: TravelinMan1

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/06/08 04:53 PM

I have been working in the real estate industry here in Belize for about 6 years and other than deals with a property that needed to be re-registered the process has never taken more than 3 months. I have had titles processed over the past 6 months without any delay and have certainly never waited 2 years for a title.

Unless you purchased property that had not yet received final subdivision approvals or you purchased land without a title or land that was given to someone by the government there is no reason I can see why your title should take this long.

If your agent is waiting for 38 titles from the lands department for 10 months I would suggest to you that he has some issues that go beyond a simple title transfer.

What I tell people who purchase properties from anyone here in Belize is that they should first of all do a title opinion which will and should verify the clean unbroken chain of ownership for a lot as well as verify that there are no liens or encumbrances on the property or the seller and also make sure that if it is a newly created subdivision the paperwork is in place (final approval to subdivide and that the property has been re-registered if need and that any combination of titles has also been completed.

It seems like the folks who are experiencing these problems did not use the recommended paralegals or attorneys and simply figured that by not paying for the service they were going to save money...

Posted By: ron

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/07/08 02:43 AM

I just received my deed after a little less than 3 months. I had just emailed my lawyer last week and she told me that they were constantly in contact with the registry to move their paperwork forward. I didn't rely on the real estate agents for any legal work. You pay an attorney and they represent you and your interests. If I waited more than 4 or 5 months I'd be calling regular to my attorney.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/07/08 04:16 AM

Hi Scottybob - can you send me a pm? I'm really curious as to whether or not we may have the same realtor - he did provide though the names of people he is having to deal with (which seem to be correct) as well as the email of another Canadian couple who just received their title last week - their transaction took a little longer than ours. He sent the full emails of their back and forth exchanges. I do trust our realtor though and it just seems to be the way business works in Belize.


Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/07/08 05:58 PM

Just like Travelinman1, my office hasn't had any problem getting titles transfered. The standard amount of time is 3 months. Occasionally it only takes a couple of months and rarely a little longer if First Registration or a lost title certificate is involved.

Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/07/08 10:41 PM

Thanks Amanda - we are not really all that long past the 3 month deadline. From what we are being told the UDP rep. still has to sign off and provide a letter approving the transfer and that is pending quite soon. Our area did have to be re-surveyed also (Warree Bight) so that contributed to the delay.


Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/08/08 12:00 AM

There you go. That's an acceptable amount of time to wait. Just keep checking on it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/08/08 06:27 AM

One thing - is that normal - the UDP sign off bit? Although we believe our agent - that does seem a tad strange. We understand it has to do with the power struggle between the PUP and the UDP in our area.

Thanks a ton
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/08/08 03:50 PM

Well, if you have bought a lot in a government subdivision then it might be under scrutiny by the new party to ensure that all of the correct procedures have been followed and that the funds have been paid to the right departments.

If it is a normal private land sale then the sign off could be due to the subdivision requiring final approval and authentication.

There are many reasons why delays would occur - but at the 3 month mark you are a little premature in thinking that your transaction is being held up.

You can ask your agent exactly what the status of the title is and what steps are required for it to be placed in your hands.
Posted By: Consuelo

Re: Land Title slowness - 09/09/08 12:31 AM

Thanks Amanda - he has provided input and I guess we'll just have to see what happens over the next few weeks - it is a private land sale but it is in an area where the election results were really close - and the owner is a PUP member.

Our agent has been having to deal with a lot of cross the t's, dot the i's etc. involving several govt./UDP people, which are things we are just hearing about now.


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