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The new Mexican Ambassador has presented his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young. In a ceremony at Belize House in Belmopan His Excellency Mario Velázquez Suarez told the Governor-General that he felt extremely honoured to be appointed to this distinguished post. Earlier Ambassador Velázquez Suarez paid a courtesy visit on Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign trade Wilfred Elrington and presented a copy of his letters of Credence. Ambassador Velázquez is a career diplomat, having joined the Mexican Foreign Service in 1975 and obtaining the rank of Minister in 1999. He has been serving as Head of Chancellery at the Embassy of Mexico in Finland since 2008. The new Mexican ambassador is married and has two children.

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New Ambassador of Mexico to Belize

Mario Velasquez

Today, His Excellency Mario Velasquez, the new Ambassador of Mexico to Belize presented credentials to Governor General, Sir Colville Young. Velasquez previously served as the Deputy Chief of Mission in Finland. He takes over from former head of mission, Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno who is now posted in Haiti.

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This morning, Mexican Ambassador, Mario Velasquez Suarez, held a media breakfast for representatives of the various media houses. Within a couple of months Belize and Mexico will be having a lot of discussion on beef since Belize will be earning some much-needed revenue from trading beef with our neighbor to the north. Love News spoke with him on how this new trade effort is going.

Mario Velasquez Suarez – Mexican Ambassador
“We have a special partnership with Europe and it is with Europe that Mexico is opening the border for having livestock in Mexico. We will soon be receiving that, Belize will be exporting cattle to Mexico.”

Marion Ali - Reporter
What is the demand from Mexico in as far as the market goes?

Mario Velasquez Suarez – Mexican Ambassador
“Well if you consider that we have more than 100 million inhabitants, the demand is very high; that will be an excellent opportunity for Belize.”

One issue which has raised the concerns of bus owners in Belize is the announcement that the Mexican company, ADO, will begin to conduct runs between the two countries shortly. But Ambassador Velasquez Suarez assured that there is nothing to worry about because they will not take passengers from Belize to Chetumal.

Mario Velasquez Suarez – Mexican Ambassador
“ADO is a Mexican enterprise and they are talking with the authorities of Belize and the authorities are considering the convenience of receiving these Mexican buses that will be coming with tourists, tourists that come to Mexico, we will share with Belize, that is the intention. They will come from Cancun, they will come from Merida some of them will stop in Chetumal. Not for taking passengers in that place, they are not going to do something that others are doing now.”

And while there has not been a lot of activity on our side of the border where the new Belize/Mexico bridge will span across the Rio Hondo, Ambassador Velasquez Suarez says that opening of the bridge is scheduled for next year.

Mario Velasquez Suarez – Mexican Ambassador

“Our exchange people, our products they are increasing we need a second bridge and for that reason we are working in opening that will have more developments for both sides. It is going to be excellent and our intention is to open it in 2012. We are giving some support to Belize for helping Belizean authorities in doing their part in the Belizean side. ‘

Mexico has over the years offered numerous scholarships to Belizean students in areas of culture and education, an assistance which it continues to carry out.

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New Mex Ambassador Says Full Speed ahead in Belize

The new Mexican ambassador to Belize Mario Velazquez presented his credentials on Monday and he's hit the ground running - hosting a breakfast with the media this morning.

The discussion over breakfast was informal and that's where Ambassador Velazquez discussed the Mexican Bus line, -ADO's plans for involvement in Belize:..

Mario Velazquez, Mexican Ambassador to Belize
"ADO is a Mexican enterprise and they are talking with the authorize of Belize, they are considering the convenience or receiving these busses - these Mexican busses that will be coming with foreign tourists that come to Mexico - we will share them with Belize. That is the intention."

"Do they intend to build a terminal for their own busses in Belize?"

Mario Velazquez, Mexican Ambassador to Belize
"That depends on the conveniences of the Belizeans."

Ambassador Velazquez did not discuss a time frame - but said casually that an exploratory trip would be held this week - and he would expect that the service could start in October.

He stressed though that ADO will not be making commercial runs to Chetumal. As we understood it from the Minister of Transport two months ago, the Mexican bus service would make direct runs to Cancun and Merida leaving Belize late at night and arriving in those cities at dawn.

And while ADO's entrance into the Belizean market is big news - so are the plans for the city center. As we've reported, the Mexicans have committed to build a new center or repair the old one. The Ambassador said that a Mexican firm has been identified - presumably to design the structure and they are waiting on a decision from the government of Belize:

Mario Velazquez, Mexican Ambassador to Belize
"It is great to know that the civic center is coming. The enterprise has been selected and that enterprise is preparing the necessary documents and information for Belizean authorities. They will present with the terms and if the Belizean authorities agree with that we will continue."

Even when pressed for details on this one - the ambassador could not give a possible time frame for completion. But he did say 2012 would be the year when we would see the activation of the new Belize-Mexico border Crossing in the north at the Santa Elena Border.

We don't know if this one will also be called Santa Elena but the Mexicans have agreed to underwrite Belize's cost for a new immigration and customs building as well as the road leading to the new bridge:

Mario Velazquez, Mexican Ambassador to Belize
"We have been working a lot and in the next year we will be opening a new borderline between Belize and Mexico in 2012. We are really expecting that it will increase our exchange in tourism, products - we will develop together."

Regarding BEL and its arrangements with the Mexican power company CFE, Ambassador Velazquez also said that CFE has proposed a 6% reduction in charges to BEL and there are three agreements pending approval by BEL.

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