The PUPís State (from the Guardian)

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The PUPís State (from the Guardian) - 02/10/12 03:39 PM

(l-r) Mark Espat, Cordel Hyde, Anthony Mahler, PUP Bucket, David Craig, David Hoy and Yolanda Shackron

Johnny neva wah di bucket.
Mark sit down pah di bucket and when he done he skin-up eh face afta di bucket.
Mahler, he jump out ah di bucket.
Then Cordel he kick di bucket!
Deh gone fu Carlos Diaz, weh own the whole toilet and he no even wah touch the bucket.
Now deh dash Shackron eenah di bucket!
PUP no got no comeback fi comebackÖ
They gone home fi good!!


There is no better explanation of the state where the PUP finds itself a mere 27 days before the General Elections than what Yellowman explained in his most recent television commercial. For those not familiar or are not of age to know, the bucket is what people used, and some still use to dispose human faeces with in the days before indoor toilets.

The PUP has now become synonymous with, excuse the crassness, a S**t-bucket. Itís a virtual bucket of waste. The PUPs have done this country such a dis-service and they have the gall to ask the electorate to vote for them once again. Make no mistake, the repugnance and repulsion that the bucket attracts is the very same sentiment that is aroused in people whenever they think of the Peopleís United Party. They are a bucket of filth!

The leadership, most of all, have apparently forgotten what they did to the country. They burdened us with the 3 Billion dollar SuperBond; they gave away our utility companies; they enslaved us to Lord Ashcroft forcing taxpayers to pay him through BTLís Accommodation agreement, and the list goes on and is almost interminable. Yet, with all they have done, the incorrigible bunch want the Belizean people to vote for them.

It seems however, that even from within itself some members of the PUP have been able to recognize that the party is really just filth. They then have been bailing out one by one. First it was Anthony Mahler, who threw in the towel, because the party refused to finance his campaign. There is no surprise there as Mahler was simply no match for the UDPís Santino Castillo, who has embedded himself in the constituency in just a few weeks of campaigning. Mahler was subsequently replaced by David Hoy, who is a non-factor, has absolutely no political stock or even a personality to attract voters. His reason for running is quite interesting really. Perhaps, his indebtedness to a particular bank and to one of the Fonsecaís forced this private individual to now jump into the bucket.

After Mahler resigned, Cordel Hyde followed suit. His was a reason, which can be allowed. His son is ill and the well-being and caring of a child is not to be taken lightly. Cordel has a legitimate reason not to run. So for now he can be excused, despite the fact that in his departure letter he minced no words telling the PUP sayonara. He claimed that he had tirelessly fought against the status quo losing his battles most of the time. All too happy to get into the filth, Shackron was quickly endorsed as the new standard bearer for Lake in for the PUP. Weíll let her be for the time being, despite the fact that she has proven to be a compulsive liar, following in the footsteps of the leader. Then again maybe weíll not let her be. She publicly declared that the Lake I PUP committee was with her when the reality is that they had not even had a conversation with her as to her appointment. Her scam was made public when the chairman of the committee called Jules Vasquez (Channel 7) complaining that he had not even had a conversation with Shackron. How quickly they are exposed!

After Cordelís departure came Espatís. Unlike Mahler and Hyde, he simply decided to drop the bucket and what it represents. There was no ill feeling or ill will in his letter of departure, but there is more that is unsaid than what is contained in the letter. He is simply unhappy with the PUP. Even after he was about to be crowned the king of the bucket by popular demand - in fact by an overwhelming majority- Espat decided that even though he had 29 PUP standard bearers endorsing him, that stench of the bucket was simply too much to handle and simply dropped it. For his replacement in Albert, the PUP went into whatís left of the partyís legacy and found David Craig. Again no disrespect, but David is a nobody. He has a personality of a doornail and is even less animate. Why do the PUP keep doing this to themselves? Just get rid of the bucket and be done with it. Please!!!

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