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Posted By: Marty

Code of Ethics - 08/20/13 10:57 AM

This is a copy of a brief letter that was sent to the 5 political parties,( PNP, PUP, UDP, VIP, BGIP) calling them to a code of ethics, one we deserve and one that is professionally required.

Please be advised that The Belize People's Front, via this letter, hereby challenge you to adhere to a strict code of ethics. Please find attached a press release stating the same, and one in which we plan to hold to a high standard.

It's time the Belizean Populace gets the respect and disciplined level of governance we all seek, which is enshrined in our constitution.

The Belize People’s Front, is appalled by the verbal abuse on the only Woman in the House of Representatives. This demeaning Behaviour should not be tolerated! The fact that the other members in the House said or did nothing to come to her defence spoke volumes regarding the amount of excesses we tolerate, and what is becoming “NORMAL” in our societies.

After witnessing this excess Abuse of Women on public forums, after listening to Talk show Host make fun of domestic Violence and after becoming aware of the number of women and children being abused in the hands of Political leaders and other Public Officers, The Belize People’s Front hereby Demand that Political Parties take responsibility for the Characters they allow to run for Office and Characters they politically appoint to public office! We challenge them to uphold a high standard in office and not to condone hooliganism!

We Further Demand That if any public officers being paid by tax payers monies be caught violating the rights of women or children, be relieved immediately from their duties and be barred from ever holding public office.

As a people and as Tax Paying Citizens of Belize we will not continue to tolerate the abuse of our Women and children by those who represent us and those who we have entrusted our Country to! We declare that all public officials be held accountable and perform their duties in accordance to a code of ethics, one that will have zero tolerance for abuse, whether verbal, physical, sexual, psychological and financial. Abuse against women and children will not be tolerated and we stand firm behind this declaration.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watched them without doing anything” Albert Einstein

Mrs.Nefretery Nancy Marin
Belize People’s Front
Email: [email protected]
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Code of Ethics - 08/20/13 11:00 AM

Good stuff.
Finnegan should be sent to kindergarten to start over - beginning by learning basic manners & respect. IMHO his way of acting has no place in society at all, much less public office.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Code of Ethics - 08/21/13 03:39 PM

I'm happy to see that someone is standing up for some decency in government.
I can't believe that there is no outrage about all the politicians who have been 'forgiven' their fines, etc. and the government simply 'wrote off' the monies.
It's embarrassing to hear them plead for tax payers to pay their share when things like this are not only done - but done blatantly without shame.
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