Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong

Posted By: Diane Campbell

Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 12:02 AM

A man working in the US Embassy here in Belize hit another car head-on (here in Belize last week) - killing two women, killing one child and injuring one man.
Said Embassy employee left Belize within a day or so - NOT CHARGED with anything.
Apparently "diplomatic immunity" exempts him from prosecution for this (or anything..... rape, murder --- anything) - and this crappy immunity plan applies all over the globe. It wouldn't be one bit less wrong if an Italian "diplomat" hit and killed a family in Omaha (and he'd be similarly exempt)
IMHO it's just wrong - anywhere, everywhere.
Seriously troubled by this misuse of political power.

Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 11:23 AM

On the other, more important hand, diplomats and dependents receive immunity so that a repressive corrupt govt can not lodge false charges and imprison officials from another country, just because they want to. FYI, all Swedish diplomats are protected while serving their country in N Korea. And in the US.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 12:13 PM

I get the reason - but here in Belize to kill three people and just go home?
There has to be a sensible application of a policy so that it does what it was intended to do.
This person would not have walked away from the charges in his home country, that's for sure.

The lives that were lost were every bit as important as those of diplomats here or elsewhere.
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 12:37 PM

Agreed, but that is, on the other hand. Diplomats and their dependents commit crimes they will never be held accountable for. Happens a lot in the US, especially in NY and DC.

And not so long ago, Min Edmund Castro was 'asked' to leave Taiwan over an incident reported by a woman. A country can cancel a visa, as the US has done with some of our corrupt officials.
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 03:43 PM

Come to NYC and the UN and foreign embassies and see what it costs alone there in parking violations and accidents. Let alone the rape and murders committed and cannot be prosecuted! Does not excuse it at all but the toll is huge all over the world!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 05:35 PM

A history of diplomatic immunity
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 05:47 PM

I don't accuse the US of inventing this nor claim that it only happens here. I just don't agree with the program and this tragedy is an illustration of why.

If you don't take time to read the entire post cited by simon, at least read this excerpt:

When you remove the threat of the possibility of prosecution for crimes in a foreign land and then send that person to the foreign land, you create an extremely tantalizing situation. In theory, a person with diplomatic immunity is still under the jurisdiction of their home land's laws and in some cases, emissaries who have broken the law in a host country are tried in their home countries for the crime. In practice, though, people with diplomatic immunity exist in a lawless state. Technically they can be arrested and detained for a crime, but under diplomatic immunity the courts of the host county have no jurisdiction to prosecute them and so charges would inevitably be dropped. (This still today includes the accrual of debts, j
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Diplomatic Immunity - this is wrong - 10/17/17 06:59 PM

ABUSE OF POWER! plain & simple
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