Former Guat FM on Invasion Threat: "Say What?"

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Former Guat FM on Invasion Threat: "Say What?" - 12/18/18 11:38 AM

Former Guat FM To Hon. Elrington on Invasion Threat: "Say What?"

You probably remember Carlos Raul Morales, he's the former Guatemalan Foreign Minister who was famously friendly with Belize's FM, Wilfred Elrington.

Morales was replaced by Sandra Jovel a little over a year ago. But, now he's running for Vice President. Today in Guatemala City, a contingent of Belizean media spoke to him at the Belizean Embassy in that city.

We asked him about Wilfred Elrington's sensational remark last week. Belize's Foreign Minister said that Guatemala could invade Belize if we voted no to the ICJ. Today, his old buddy Carlos Raul could not believe Elrington said that. Here's his reaction:

Marleni Cuellar, Reporter
"In a recent interview he has said that there is a risk that Guatemala may invade Belize if we vote no."

Carlos Raul Morales, Former Foreign Minister, Guatemala

Marleni Cuellar
"What are your thoughts on the possibility of this?"

Carlos Raul Morales
"Well you now that Mr. Elrington is a very good friend of mine, I hope to say hello to him right now at the end of the year in Belize. I didn't know that and to be honest I don't think he said that because probably it is out of context."

Marleni Cuellar
"He did."

"He said exactly that."

Carlos Raul Morales
"Guatemala isn't going to invade as a Guatemalan I can assure that. We have a lot of problems in Guatemala; poverty, malnutrition, we need to reconstruct a lot of thousands of kilometres of roads. We need to bring water to a lot of communities, we need to build houses for a lot of people, we have a lot of things to do in Guatemala and I can assure that to invade Belize is not in our list of things we need to do. We need to build the peace with Belize."

Former Guat FM Explains Those Maddening Maps

We also spoke to Carlos Raul about Guatemala's official position on those offensive official maps which include Belizean territory - as a part of Guatemala. He said it is a matter of law:..

"Ive seen many maps of Guatemala, but when it comes to Belize there is only one map. So for example the primary school child in Belize, you go to any school, you ask them to draw the map of Belize. They will draw the exact same map, a map that is behind you. Now, in Guatemala what would your children draw?"

Carlos Raul Morales, Former Foreign Minister, Guatemala
"According to our law, because it's a matter of law. It's not a matter of what you want. We still having the map with Belize until the International Court of Justice define the border between both countries. It's a matter of a legal situation. I don't know exact which map is used by the minister of education at this moment. We need to respect the law. This is why again, we cannot live with this situation. We cannot live with the map of Belize, because this creates confrontation between both countries. This is why it is important to go to the ICJ and when the ICJ gives us the order and say well this is Belize, we need to reform our maps and reform everything in Guatemala. It is because in 1991 when we recognized Belize as a country, we agreed that Guatemala will respect this territory of Belize until the ICJ will define exactly is the border."

As we told you Morales is now running for Vice President of Guatemala in next year's election. Presently, he does not work for the government, and is a private citizen. He says he intends to spend Christmas in Belize with his wife's family and his children - who are all Belizean.

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