How far is...

Posted By: Vacation Bound

How far is... - 01/19/03 05:04 PM

We are going to AC in April and can't wait!!! We are staying at Captain Morgans Resort. How far is that from town? It sounds like it's out a ways which is ok. Anyone have any stories (good or bad) about Captain Morgans?
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Re: How far is... - 01/19/03 06:02 PM

It's a long ways from town... Look at the maps on the menu and it will
give you a better idea....Water taxi or golf cart is your best way unless you are accustom to walking long distances...You also have to use the ferry which closes about 8pm ,I think.
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Re: How far is... - 01/19/03 11:47 PM

Depends on what you consider long:
It's about 3 miles north of town; less than 5 minutes by Island ferry, and they run every hour. By golf cart it will probably be 10 minutes.
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Re: How far is... - 01/19/03 11:50 PM

Island Ferry's last run is 10pm, and in the weekend and when it's busy they have a midnight run. After that you can take a private or Island Ferry water taxi round the clock.
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Re: How far is... - 01/20/03 04:43 AM

Thanks! How much is this water taxi? How about the water ferry? Are they the dame thing? Is there anything around the Captain Morgan resort? Resturants etc? Lots of beach I guess...which sounds nice to us.
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Re: How far is... - 02/24/03 06:04 AM

I stayed at Captain Morgans in March 2000. I don't know if they still do it, but then they had a crew cleaning the beach all day every day. I've walked north to Mata Chica and south to the cut, and Capt Morgans had the prettiest beach by far.

I'm not sure of this so if anyone knows differently please speak up: I think the water taxi is what travels between the hotel docks and San Pedro, and the ferry is what shuttles walkers and golf carts across the cut.

Near Captain Morgans I'd recommend Capricorn for lunch and dinner. If you go at night, bring a flashlight for the walk back along the beach. Instead of taking the water taxi into San Pedro, you could take it north to the restaurants at Journey's End and Mata Chica. You could walk along the beach to them during the day. There's also a bar/restaurant on the beach path heading south toward the cut, maybe a 20-25 minute walk. When I was there in 2000 their dock was destroyed so the water taxi didn't stop there. Hopefully it's been replaced.

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Re: How far is... - 02/25/03 05:20 AM

Thanks Janet. Sounds like you had a nice time. Any other sites to see or places you might suggest going on the island? How was Captain Morgans as a whole? Nice people? Nice units? We're staying in one of the four room huts on the 2nd floor. They look nice on the website. My wife and I are looking for any info before we head there in April. Thanks again!
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Re: How far is... - 02/27/03 12:52 AM

I loved my experience at Captain Morgans. Everyone at the resort was wonderful, including the other guests. We did run into some problems with the woman in charge of booking tours though. I doubt you'll have the same problem, but if so there are other ways to book. Their restaurant is new so I can't comment on that.

I stayed in one of the single cabanas. The room was big and clean. No complaints. The two-story units were brand new when I was there. I read in some other posts (either here or that the management pushes the timeshares and that timeshare owners get better treatment. That wasn't the case in my experience though. I guess the management can be inconsistent, but if you approach people with a positive attitude hopefully you'll receive an appropriate response.

The only tour we took was the Hol Chan/Shark Ray Alley snorkeling trip which was fantastic. The rest of the time we just wandered around the north end of the island exploring other resorts and restaurants. We didn't book any mainland tours from AC because we had already spent 3 days in the Cayo district, but those tours are available from Captain Morgans too.

I've been all over the Caribbean and Belize is by far my favorite. It's not like anywhere else, so keep an open mind and try not to compare it. You'll be almost guaranteed a good time!

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Re: How far is... - 02/27/03 02:36 AM

Thanks so much again Janet!! My wife and I are so excited to go and relax and AC sounds like just the place. We did book through our timeshare so if that means better treatment...that's ok! We leave in a month and can't wait. Your posts have been very helpfull...thanks again:)
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Re: How far is... - 02/27/03 02:57 AM

Island Ferry makes scheduled runs and Water Taxi is anytime (plenty of water taxi's around but I'd recommend Armando at 610-1448).
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Re: How far is... - 02/27/03 03:05 AM

Prices on golf carts? By day, by week?
Posted By: Marty

Re: How far is... - 02/27/03 03:23 AM

here's Monchos' prices...
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