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Posted By: Redmondlaw

vacation properties - 01/20/03 05:43 PM

Me, my husband, mother, and three teenagers are going to AC for the first time this spring. We really like the idea of a rental house on the beach rather than hotel/resort. I've been looking at some properties through Caye Management. But they seem so reasonable,should I be worried?

Re: vacation properties - 01/20/03 06:14 PM

Posted By: IslandJunkie

Re: vacation properties - 01/20/03 06:48 PM

No worries. We worked with them - stayed at Casa Coco Escondido - a beautiful home on the North side, within walking distance of the ferry, and the Palapa bar. Staying in a home definitely has its bonuses compared to a hotel. They were very helpful on my first trip booking tours, other advice. Would definitely use them again.

Posted By: d-jon

Re: vacation properties - 01/20/03 07:29 PM

No problem with Caye Management Highly recommended.

I have guests with them at this time.
Posted By: Redmondlaw

Re: vacation properties - 01/20/03 08:02 PM

Thank you so much!! Casa Coco Escondido is one we're looking at. Everything about planning this vacation has been great, and we can't wait to get there. Sorry if I sounded cynical, but Nassau and Cancun trips have made us wary. From what I hear, we won't have any problems in Belize.
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