hobie rental

Posted By: buzzme

hobie rental - 01/24/03 10:52 PM

Hi everyone,

Newbie to your message board. Everyone is great, real informative.

Does anybody know of a good place that rents small catamarans? I have already talked with the guys at Sailsports, they are on the beach in front of San Pedro Holiday Hotel. Their prices were a little more than I budgeted.

Would prefer a 17í or 18í Hobie. I will probably use it a couple of times during our stay for 2-3 hours each day. We will be staying at the Sunbreeze.

8 days and counting

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: hobie rental - 01/25/03 12:34 AM

Barefoot water sports had sailboats while I was there..not sure if they left AC or not...Once you get there you'll see them in front of Holiday Hotel.
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: hobie rental - 01/25/03 12:47 AM

Geraldo Badillo, phone 226-2264, may have info; good luck!
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: hobie rental - 01/25/03 02:23 AM

come on guys Sailsports is a good price their equipment is well looked after,and you are staying in a hotel that is not on the cheap side.If you are on such a tight budget maybe you should save up and come later on in the year.
Posted By: buzzme

Re: hobie rental - 01/25/03 11:52 PM

WOW, must be nice to have unlimited funds. I didnít realize that AC was attracting such an uppity crowd. For the record, Sailsports does indeed have good well maintained equipment. My apologies to anyone who thought that I was implying otherwise.
Posted By: TravelinMan

Re: hobie rental - 01/26/03 04:33 PM

There is NO QUESTION. SailSports is the only way to sail. Not only the Cat but also Windsurfers and a Laser Pico. If you really want to try something cool take some Kite boarding leasons.

"With the great wisdom you have gained, with so much exprerience, you must surely have understood by then what SailSports means"

Re: hobie rental - 01/27/03 05:24 PM

buzzme, frown do not get discouraged by other's advice, keep looking for better rates. hell, if i WAITED until i had the $ to do anything, i wouldn't have this mortgage, this car loan, this boat loan, this mastercard bill (which carries the balance of my last trip to ac), etc.
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