In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time

Posted By: Warner

In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/28/03 06:22 AM

We will be staying at the Seven Seas for a week, and at Corona Del Mar for one week. If anyone has any info on either place or any other information about AC it would be most helpful. This will be our first time there. Thanks.
Posted By: TheWineBrat

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/28/03 07:50 AM

Seven Seas is wonderful! Cute, quiet, close yet private enough! Make sure you go up on top of the roof one night- it's pretty amazing!
Posted By: Hey Jude

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/28/03 02:03 PM

Hey...see you there.
I will be down there (also for the first time) from 5 to 15 March. Also, I will be at the Seven seas the whole time. I have been impressed by the friendly Seven Seas staff answering all of my questions via email in a very timely & thorough manner.
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/28/03 04:32 PM

I agree with everything wineBrat says, We loved the convient location of the 7Seas, and the staff was great! Yes, make sure to climb to the roof, it has an excellent view. Have fun!
Posted By: govikes

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/28/03 07:27 PM

and don't forget to walk around the block to the backside to Papi's restaurant. Good food, cheap prices and Papi is a sweetheart!
Posted By: steve the sound man

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/28/03 10:07 PM

Hi Warner
We stayed at Corona Del Mar over the new year period and it was fantastic. Watch our for Woodys (or Grandpa as everyone knows him) rum punch its on tap all day. The staff are great and helpful make sure you challenge Frank to a game of Horseshoe he'll beat you with a smile on his face
We are hoping to get back to the Corona Del Mar very soon were having withdrawl symptoms already and people back here in the UK are getting fed up with us talking about AC all the time.
Whilst at Corona check out Canucks and Coconuts both next door for beach BBQ with Pineapple Willie. One on sat, the other sunday.

You will have a great time give Woody and Helen our regards :p :p :p

Steve and Marilyn
Posted By: sherrib

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/29/03 12:41 AM

My husband and I are also going to AC for the first time next month. Finally got our plane tickets but can't decide on a place to stay... Maybe Banana Beach or Seven Seas. Anyone heard of the Blue Tang? My husband is happy to save money on the lodging to put towards playing but I want a nice pool and beach. Probably spending 6/7 nights before heading into the Cayo District (2/3 days) and then back to AC for a few more days before flying back to gloomy Seattle. thanks for your suggestions!!
Posted By: Warner

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/29/03 02:15 AM

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond, your info is great. Anyone with info on where to eat, and a good nightly enterainment would be greatly appreiated. We have kitchens in our rooms is there a place to buy food, beer Etc. Also I heard coffee was hard to come by in the AC, so I was planning on taking some. We are also planning on doing some snorkling, are there any places to go that are quite, we will go to shark ray alley for sure. I am looking forward to geting there, I have heard nothing but good remarks..
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/29/03 03:32 AM

Sherrib: Recommend you also look at Xanadu and ask about weekly prices, if they still have openings next month. Beautiful new pool on the beach with great view and wonderfully built condos; nice beach.

Snorkeling: Alfonse Graniel, L'il Alfonse under "Goods & Services" menu above, phone: 614-5450; 226-3537; great guy & guide, wonderful with people & fish, ask him about other snorkeling sites after you visit Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley

Great local food: Los Cocos restaurant on north end of town, off middle street past Richie's Supermarket; wonderful whole fried snapper, fish fillets and pork chops
Posted By: seashell

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/29/03 10:19 AM

sherrib, I really like the Blue Tang. Now having said that, I don't think it is what *you* are looking for. It has a pool but it is more like a sits bath. I mean, it is very small, more like a big tub actually. Nice shape to it, nice deck surrounding it and nice to have, but from what you are saying, I think you'd be happier elsewhere.

Banana Beach has two very nice pools both on inside courtyards. The beach there is OK but there is a seawall between the sand and the ocean. The rooms there are very nice.

It is hard to compare Seven Seas and Banana Beach as they are not the same sort of properties. I like the location of Seven Seas very much and it is a cute place with a nice pool.

Have you looked at the Paradise Villas? It has really nice gardens and pool area. The beach also has a seawall but because of the layout of the pool and gardens area, it is not such a negative as it might be somewhere else.

Regardless, most of the swimming is done off of the end of the docks in San Pedro.
Posted By: sherrib

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/29/03 06:24 PM

Thanks for the info Sandy and Seashell. Tried Banana Beach but I don't think they have ocean front available. Most of our time will be spent on the beach, at the reef or walking into town for some fun. Maybe a place with a nice bed, ocean view and a blender is the most important thing!
Posted By: seashell

Re: In AC Mar 6-20/03 first time - 01/29/03 07:07 PM

Then you would love a room on the second or third floor FRONT of the Blue Tang, especially the third floor.

If you can do without a pool altogether, the Mayan Princess has beautiful suites with fabulous private patios that look out over the ocean. I recommend again the third floor. Any unit from the middle towards the north side of the building.

Say, and the AquaMarina Suites are also very nice and if it is true that they have new hot water heaters, then it is pretty good value. Especially if you get one of the upper levels in the front. I wouldn't want a main floor room there. Also, I found the continuous loud music coming from the bar/restaurant area would be annoying eventually.
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