More silly questions

Posted By: Ladyauberge

More silly questions - 02/09/03 05:43 AM

Do you have Pepsi in AC? What kind of Ice Cream? I admit my diet is not wonderfully healthy, but it suits me. I will enjoy local favorites, fruits and fish, but I will have to start a weaning pprocess if I can not get my daily fixes.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: More silly questions - 02/09/03 02:03 PM

because I woke up at an unreasonable time for a Sunday morning, with nothing to do, I decided to run searches on here for pepsi and ice cream. From what I read, Coke has most the market in AC, it's what is provided by the local distributor. Some pepsi in cans might be found. Here is one post about ice cream, "Don't miss the many flavors of ice cream at Manalley's in town just north of Fido's." For all I know, this might have changed. COFFEE'S READY! smile
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: More silly questions - 02/09/03 04:23 PM

I bought Pepsi at 3 stores in San Pedro ...I'm assuming (you know what that does) it is at the rest of the stores....But if you can't find it Belikin is a great wink
Posted By: Ladyauberge

Re: More silly questions - 02/09/03 10:10 PM

Thanks for the help. I did ask, because I know, most places have been seized by those Coke people! Yes, I know I am strange--I do not drink coffee-and rarely drink beer. I am looking forward to some Rum, though. And as long as I can find some diet pepsi in a can, I will be a happy camper!
Posted By: Axeman

Re: More silly questions - 02/09/03 10:20 PM

Lady A..if your room has a Fridge, email the staff and ask if they will stock it with Diet Pepsi...It's great to be able to just get in and not have to shop right away.
Have Fun!!!!
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: More silly questions - 02/09/03 11:02 PM

is the diet pepsi the mexican kind, with saccharine? that tastes kinda funky. I wonder if Gaz would stock my fridge with belikin? thanks for the idea, Axe! smile
Posted By: KathyMLT

Re: More silly questions - 02/10/03 05:41 PM

They have pepsi in bottles the small store across the street from Banana Beach and at the "tourist" shopping market for sure. Diet Pepsi is harder to find, I could only find Pepsi Light...YUCK....Not sure about the ice cream
Posted By: snowbird

Re: More silly questions - 02/10/03 07:06 PM

Twice last year had a big lunch and then just ice cream for dinner YUM! Don't you just love vacations? There were I think 15 or so flavors?? The coconut was awesome!
Posted By: Ladyauberge

Re: More silly questions - 02/11/03 12:56 AM

Snowbird-Ice Cream for supper is my favorite thing. Even used to let my kids have make your own sundae nights when they were young, instead of supper. Should've seen the look on mother in law's face the night I announced her supper was Ice Cream! We still have Ice Cream for supper some nights-feels like freedom!! cool
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: More silly questions - 02/11/03 02:07 AM

ewwwww, that's the name of it, Pepsi Light....YUCK!
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