Jim Morris Fest?

Posted By: D6pack

Jim Morris Fest? - 02/25/03 12:18 AM

In reading through some of the topics, I have seen mention of Jim Morris fest. Whiskeydrinkinmadam referred to it happening in May. I will be in AC in early May and wonder what the fest is about. :p
Posted By: Gela

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/25/03 01:59 AM

Here's the scoop on the fest - starts May 17 (of course I'm going to miss it frown )

Jim Morris Webpage
Posted By: whiskeydrinkinmadam

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/25/03 08:10 PM

AWWWWW.... sorry to hear you won't be around for Jim Morris! My husband and I first were introduced to Jim and the Big Bamboo Band last year, through our Parrothead club, and he has BLOWN US AWAY ever since. In fact, he is the reason we will be making our first trip to Belize (hubby asked me what I would like to do for my 40th b-day if I could do ANYTHING and I said "see Jim play in Belize!") *dreams do come true!*

Anyway, if you like beaches beer and a laid back lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to check him out. He plays in Florida alot, and also many many other cities... I know I sound like a spokesperson or something here, but I'm just a fan lol! So, anyone else going to be in Belize the 17th to the 24th?

What I have found most helpful on this board is probably the travel insurance info, and the water (to drink, or not to drink?) It also has whetted my appetite for my very first BELLIKEN! (woohoo!)
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/26/03 04:43 AM

Anyone got a picture of this guy?
His website is suspiciously devoid of pix.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/26/03 06:31 AM

try this one Jim - I only found one pic
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/27/03 04:43 AM

I already checked the site.
I refuse to go through 20 pages of stuff just to find 1 picture.
Either this guy does'nt exist or he is not very attractive.
Actually the guy who designed and built the Pepto Bismol Hotel was a Jim Morris. I didn't know he was a musician.
Posted By: skullyboy

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/27/03 04:58 AM

Is the Caribe Island Resort the Pepto Hotel? When I was there last I heard a local guy call it that. I guess it`s becuase of the pink stuco. Vicki it`s a lovely color of pink also.
Posted By: whiskeydrinkinmadam

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/27/03 05:28 AM

well, he DOES exist, he is NOT bad lookin.... but I find his major attraction to be his music (which is GREAT) and his attitude. He loves Belize, and is a big environmental proponent. I suggest you buy a CD and THEN decide.
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: Jim Morris Fest? - 02/28/03 01:27 AM

Sounds good. I will look him up in May.
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