Looking for Mata Rocks feedback

Posted By: New England Girl

Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 02:58 AM

Hey everyone,

I'm back on the board and looking for feedback from anyone who's seen or experienced the new fresh water pool and ocean front suits at Mata Rocks.

For those of you who've been chatting and sharing info with me already know that we are coming down on 3/29 (on my birthday) for our vacation/honeymoon (wedding on 4/2). Mata Rocks has put together a very nice honeymoon package for us and we are (as you all know) VERY excited.

I'm looking for any and all opinions about Mata Rocks. Don't hold back now.

Thanks in advance!
New England Girl
Posted By: anniegirl

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 04:42 AM


Could you let me know how you went arranging your wedding plans? Is your trip a package deal including airfare from New England and hotel or did you book separately. My boyfriend and I are thinking of getting married in Belize and I was just wondering where to begin!! Thanks for any help you could offer.

Posted By: New England Girl

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 05:09 AM

Hi anniegirl:

We booked everything directly ourselves. The airfare with US Air from Boston. When we contacted Mata Rocks ([email protected]) directly they put together a honeymoon package for us that also includes some tours and stuff like that. We have a wedding coordinator ([email protected]) referred by Mata Rocks who coordinates getting the minister, flowers, filing of all the licenses, ect. We found the photographer on the AC website. Her name is Kay Scott ([email protected]) and we have "chatted" extensively with her and are very impressed thus far. It was with her help that we picked our beach wedding location and time.

We researched restaurants on the AC website too and found the one we are having our celebration dinner at after the wedding.

So, everything is pretty much covered for the wedding piece of our Belize experience and we feel very blessed to have had it all fall together so nicely.

I wish you & your fiance well in your wedding plans. I also recommend keeping your eyes on this message board as we have found everyone involved very helpful, the exchange of information is superior to any tour book about Belize and they are all a joy to interact with.

New England Girl

Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 06:04 AM


Recommend you check with both Caribbean Villas Hotel and Sundiver Beach Resort for information on wedding planning. Both resorts have planned and executed many weddings. CV is south of town, about a 12-15 minute walk to town and Sundiver is north of town, about a 15 minute boat ride. Happy wedding, honeymoon & marriage!
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 06:48 AM

New England Girl----We didn't get married at MataRocks but we absolutely LOVE it..We are going there for our 3rd trip July 4th this year..Terry& Liz(owners)treat you like family..They are a hands on operation...The pool was just put in this year ,so we are really looking forward to it...I'm sure every detail will be done to prefection....Congratulations on your wedding& I,m sure you will never be sorry you chose MataRocks......Good Luck,
Johnboy (that crazy TEXAN !!!!) wink wink wink
Posted By: toad

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 07:16 AM

are you getting free drinks there?
Posted By: Short

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 10:05 AM

Depends how you want to get married; Victoria House, Potrofino, Mata Chica; I live in Belize, and stayed in 2 of them; they're the absolute top!
Posted By: New England Girl

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/25/03 10:08 PM

Hi Johnboy,

It's so good to hear your feedback. We don't have any doubts that we will enjoy our stay at Mata Rocks but were looking for affirmation - which you provided.

Thanks for the congrats too! We can't wait. Only 33 days until we land!!!!!!!

Oh - and Toad - we get free champagne as part of our honeymoom package so I guess that means we do get free drinks! Looking forward to the bubbly!

New England Girl
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/26/03 03:03 PM

We didn't get any free drinks But The Squirrel Nest (beach bar ) is one of the best on the island.......Wish I was there now..... wink cool
Posted By: Angie D

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/27/03 09:12 PM

I stayed at Mata Rocks last June, before the pool, but I absolutely loved it! It was small and intimate, all the guests commune at the Squirrel's Nest and share stories about diving, tours, etc, they have a BBQ grill they let you use if you go fishing and it was close enough to walk to town. It has a "family" feel to it and by the end of your stay, you'll feel like you've known everyone there all your lives! Congrats on the wedding and make sure to tell us all about it when you get back! smile
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/27/03 10:13 PM

I hate to stir up trouble, but the original poster clearly stated she already has all of her plans set for a wedding and honeymoon stay at Mata Rocks. Why are people coming on here and suggesting other places for her to get married when it's clear she has already made arrangements?

Good luck with your wedding! I'm certain it will be fabulous! I got married on AC (at SunDiver) a year and a half ago and loved every second of it! I hear Mata Rocks is lovely.

Best wishes,
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/27/03 10:41 PM

Jennifer: The people who are pimping other places are getting compensated somehow and don't care about the original message. Ignore them, and don't go where they suggest.
Posted By: New England Girl

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/27/03 11:26 PM

Hi Angie D!

Thanks so much for your feedback. I love how it sounds because we were looking for small & intimate. The bonus is the Squirrel's Nest. I'm SURE we will know everyone who hangs out there by the time our trip is over. All though our stay is only for 9 days, the honeymoon will go on forever!

We'll be sure to come back to the board once we get home and share our trip with you all.

Everything is IRIE!!!

New England Girl
Posted By: Nacho

Re: Looking for Mata Rocks feedback - 02/28/03 05:05 AM

Congratulations New England Gal! We spent a week at Mata Rocks in December shortly after the pool area was completed, and enjoyed it immensely! The pool area is small, but just perfect for a quick dip to cool off from the hot sun, or for a change from the salt water. The beach out front is very swimmable - not too much sea grass. There's a convenient little market across the street for provisions - water, beers, etc. and the suites were a nice size.

We spent the best part of our week camped out in the sand, just steps from the Squirrel's Nest, reading trashy beach novels, soaking up the rays and sipping on the Belikins! The place is nice and small, so you quickly become part of the community - you find out what folks have planned for the day over your morning coffee; and find out how their day turned out over cocktails at Happy Hour! The week went by too quickly! Filipa and Erica are quite accommodating and will happily arrange whatever you need to have a great stay. Enjoy!
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