Impending doom

Posted By: Catatonic Motivator

Impending doom - 02/26/03 06:32 PM

That's right, we're coming baaaaaaaack!<G> In two weeks, actually.

This time it's me, the better half and three kids, 13, 10 and 7, along with the sister-in-law, her better half<g> and two sons. We stayed at BB last year and were very happy (highly recommend them to everyone) but they couldn't accomodate our room needs this year.

We'll be at Xanadu and I'm interested in the latest reports from there and in general. Anything in particular we should know? I'm reading the other posts but would like some input about Xanadu as well as good kid experiences. Two of the kids are certified divers (little experience) and some others strong swimmers and avid snorklers. We plan to kidnap Lil' Alfonse for a day w/ the rays and sharks and love his style. We're also considering the howler monkey trip up the river. Last year we went cave tubing and loved it--highly recommend that as well. Other ideas for us?

Thanks to all!
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Impending doom - 02/26/03 08:48 PM

Xanadu has well built, well decorated, comfortable condos on a lovely setting. Great owners and staff; free bikes and kayaks; beautiful new oceanside pool. Dive shop next door is very good. Parasailing might be fun for your group, Fido's dock. Sailing with Geraldo Badillo, 226-2264. Happy trip!!
Posted By: drcasual

Re: Impending doom - 02/26/03 09:12 PM

We stayed at Xanadu in late Jan. It was nice w/free bikes & kayaks. There is some construction going on but it wasn't a big deal. They have a nice pool although there isn't much in the way of grounds. We enjoyed having our own kitchen. We took the Lamanai trip and it's a long day. Also went fishing and caught a bunch of snapper and cooked them and had dinner on our little patio. Enjoy!
Posted By: Catatonic Motivator

Re: Impending doom - 02/26/03 10:20 PM

Great! Glad to hear Xanadu's a nice place. They assured us it was and the pix on their site look great...but, you know.<G>

Does anyone know what dive shop is next door and have any experience w/them? We want to do the Blue Hole and then some shallower stuff w/the kids.

Parasailing is a riot. We did it last year and had a blast. Is Tony, Tony, Tony still driving the boat?
Posted By: JohnnyK

Re: Impending doom - 02/26/03 11:35 PM

Hello MJR,

I, along with three other friends, will be arriving in AC in about two weeks as well!!!

My group is definitely a party group and you'll find us out every night while we're in AC! laugh

With my group *AND* your group going, AC better watch out! wink

Hope to run into ya'll one night on AC!
Take care.

JohnnyK. laugh wink eek smile cool
Posted By: gizmo

Re: Impending doom - 02/27/03 01:31 AM

MJR- Tony and his wife Yvonne still run the parasail operation and they do a great job.
We just came back a little over a week ago and Xanudu construction was really taking shape. They have also extended the beach part of the resort as well, and it was looking very nice. Perhaps they will be finished by the time you and your clan get there.
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