Beach Security

Posted By: DoubleE

Beach Security - 02/26/03 09:27 PM

How secure are the Beachs on A/C. In terms of leaving stuff by a lounge chair while you play in the Ocean? Just a question as it is always a risk. I had heard that Belize has a problem and just wanted to know about A/C. Staying at Banana Beach in 18 days! 20 below here yesterday and more snow on order. Can't wait for fun-Sun-Fish and a lot of relax!!!! smile
Posted By: o jackie

Re: Beach Security - 02/26/03 09:48 PM

Banana Beach security is only there in the evenings,but there are police that walk the beach all day long, at least they did at Christmas. I would not leave any money laying around on my lounge chair, but a towel and suntan lotion and drinks are fine.
I have also never heard of anyones lounge chair getting robbed ,all in all Bananas is very safe, the staff is always walking around the area,also. Plus there are people out there the whole time, that I am sure would not mind keeping an eye on your things.
Enjoy your trip!!! Banana Beach is the best. smile

Posted By: JohnnyK

Re: Beach Security - 02/26/03 11:39 PM

All and all, the beaches are quite safe, as long as you use common sense.

Leaving a towel, drinks, sun tan lotion, etc., you won't have to worry.

Just don't leave anything of value or something you might miss greatly unattended on the beach. Even though it might not be taken, I suggest you don't take a chance. wink

Hope this helps.
JohnnyK. laugh wink smile cool
Posted By: KathyMLT

Re: Beach Security - 02/28/03 01:51 AM

I've never had a problem at Banana Beach but even still I excercise common sense. I carry very little if any money in my beach bag which has a handle that comes untied and can be tied around the beach chair leg. You can charge drinks etc. to your room at BB so you really don't need to carry cash. If you do, I use a waterproof cylinder around my neck. I've left a towel out there for an hour sometimes while I wondered next door to the squirrels nest and no problem....
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