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MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/26/03 11:54 PM

Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd post a notice for all the March travellers to AC. Since, I'm one of them, I'd like to see who else might be going the same time...perhaps, we'll run into one another on AC? Just an easy way to see who ya are and when you'll be there. laugh Thanks for looking...

Arrival and Duration of stay: Arrive March 13-20

How many times visited AC: Once before (3 yrs ago)

How many in Group (excluding yourself): 3

Coming from: Various (Dallas, NYC, Boston)

Age Range in Group: Mid-20s

Group Relation: Old College Pals

Occupation: Grad-Student, Successful Entrepreneuer

Staying on AC: Paradise Resort & Tradewinds Paradise Villas
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 02:17 AM

Our group will be in AC March 7 through March 14. THere are 18 in the group . Age range from 18 to 53. We are all staying at MayanPrincess and all from Austin TX.
Posted By: ibirie

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 05:11 PM

There will be 9 of us ages ranging from 26 to 40 staying at Banana Beach March 7-16. 7 from Houston, 2 From Amarillo. Can't wait to get there.
Week from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 05:52 PM

We are flying out of Houstn March 7 on the 2:20 TACA airlines flight. Is your group on the same flight?
Posted By: ibirie

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 05:56 PM

Yea. Same flight!!
I think we are booked on the 5:40 Tropic Air flight over to the island. See Ya next week!
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 05:58 PM

Fantastic. Maybe we will see ya on the flight but not sure how we would know you. I think we have another airline taking us to the island. Starts with an M. Was told have to hurry to it before it gets dark because they do not have lights to fly at night. Are the people in your group divers?
Posted By: ibirie

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 06:08 PM

Only myself and one other are divers. We plan on doing our 2 tank dive in the mornings so we can hang out with the rest of the group during the afternoons. We are going to try and set up a day trip to the Blue Hole for Wed. or Thurs. Let me know if you have anyone that would be interested in going on the Blue Hole trip. We are also planning on going on the cave tubing trip on Monday.
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 06:22 PM

Now cave tubing sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about that. We are set up with Amgios Del Mar for 5 days of 2 tank dives and one night dive. Right now I am not sure which days we are diving. I know some will be going to the Blue Hole but I am not sure if I will go. Maybe on the boat but not the dive unless I stay shallow. What dive operator is your group using?
Posted By: ibirie

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 06:53 PM

I think the cave tubing trip leaves by boat early in the morning. After a boat ride through the jungle to the mainland you get on a bus and are taken to the Belize Zoo for a short visit. Then its off to the jungle. I think there is about a 30 minute hike through the jungle then you plop in an inner tube and float down the river through a few caves. Being a graduate form SWT there is no way I could pass up a tubing trip after my endless hours tubing on the Guadalupe. If I could only get a floating cooler full of belikin. I think after the tubing you stop at one of the jungle resort/spas and can use their pool and get massages, facials etc.... for an extra charge.
The price is $140 per person. I was told to try and schedule this trip for when the cruise ships are not in town as it is a popular day trip for the cruisers and can get rather crowded. I was also told the ships were in port on Tues., Wed. & Thurs. Several of the tour operators offer this trip. Just look under Tours on the home page. I am not sure who we will use. Any tips from you guys out there????????
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Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 06:57 PM

Well I am not the person who set our trip up or the dive operator. But I have asked on this message board about Amigos Del Mar and I have been told that they are excellent.
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 07:11 PM

Please look at the thread Titled Amigos Divers - the responses are very good
Posted By: Fry69

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 07:30 PM

My husband and I will be in Belize March 10-21. Only in A/C March 10 and 11. Both 41, non-divers,from northern Michigan.
Posted By: o jackie

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 07:43 PM

I would recommend Searious Adventures for the cave tubing trip. They are the best on the island, that I have gone with,not tubing, but other tours. I knew people that have gone with them and they had a blast.

Jackie smile
Posted By: Ponch

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 10:20 PM

My wife and I are from Boise Idaho and will be in AC March 21-29.
Posted By: Lizzard

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 10:22 PM

Hey JohhnyK,

Arrive in AC Mar 25
Leave AC April 4

2 in my group but meeting 4 others later in the week.


First Timers (all of us)

Staying at Playa Blanca (not all of us)

Let's see...some of us have known eachother since the pre-pubescent years!!
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 10:58 PM

DoubleE and 5 others due to arrive 3/17 from snowy/cold Wyoming and Denver Staying for a week and in 17 more days I will try the local beer as well as the rum punch and maybe even a cuban or three. Relax, AHHHHHHHHHH!! See ya there!
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 11:08 PM

Nieve as I am. What exactly is in Rum punch besides the rum and does everywhere serve this drink?
Posted By: New England Girl

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/27/03 11:19 PM

Hi JohnnyK -

There are 4 of us arriving 3/29 - 4/6 to meet up wit Lizzard and her hubby. It is our first visit to AC for everyone. We are from Massachusettes and Maine and are freezing our @#*&'s off!!!

The exciting news is that we (me & fiance) are getting married on the beach in AC on 4/2!! So this will be quite an adventure!

None of us can wait - we are already counting the days. 31 and counting until we arrive!!!

Have a great trip!
New England Girl
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Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 12:20 AM

My husband and I will be in AC from March 15 - 24. 2nd time there - love it!
Posted By: catamarannan

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 01:56 AM

Four of us will be arriving Mar 11 for a week of sailing. This is our 6th time. We are all from NH, flying out of Boston. Can't wait!
Posted By: Hey Jude

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 02:12 AM

Hey JohnnyK....

Be on A/C on the Wednesday, the Mardi gras from New Orleans and my two friends fly in on Sunday from Atlanta. We are 3 gals that like to dive and just need some R&R. Be there until the 15th. Hope to meet some the folks from this board out & about in San Pedro or on dives.

Safe travels everyone!
Posted By: Jim Wade's Little Sister

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 05:14 AM

My daughter and I will arrive on AC March 9th staying through March 16th at Banana Beach. I'm looking forward to my 20+ years of returning to Belize. Need a group for my daughter to party with. She is a beautiful 7th grade English teacher who is single and 25. I hope there are others out there that could show her a good time. We are from Texas and know how to party, but we're leaving the boots and hats at home. :rolleyes: wink :p cool
Posted By: Hey Jude

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 05:41 AM

Jim Wade's Little Sister...

Hey Jude here. My name is Judy Wade and my Dad and my brother are Jim Wade. Actually......... I am Jim Wade's Big Sister. HA!
Posted By: Jim Wade's Little Sister

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 05:50 AM

Oh that is so cool. I was always my brother's little sister and although I should have outgrown it (many, many years ago) he always lovingly called me his Little Sister.
Posted By: Sharkky

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 06:05 AM

My wife and I are arriving March 11 staying for 9 days. Staying at Rubies. Looking forward to diving and will be looking into the overnighter dive trip to the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye.

Leaving the cold and snow of West Michigan behind!!


Posted By: JohnnyK

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 07:09 AM

Hello everyone! It's almost time for AC! I can't wait! Hopefully, some people from this board will see one another down there. If *we* meet, then the first round of Belikins are on me! Hope everyone's staying warm...2 more days until March! 2 more weeks for me until AC! Cheers, JK.

Hello Scubabuddy,

My friends and I will also be taking Mayan Airlines from Belize City to AC. Since I'm meeting my friends in BZE City, I hope they arrive before nightfall as well. However, my pal said that Mayan will fly, at the latest, at dusk. So, I'll cross my fingers for y'all, if you cross your fingers for me and my friends. wink Oh, by the way, the rum punch is served on the catamaran boat trips, along with other beverages. I'm pretty sure most bars will offer the rum punch as well. Let me tell ya..the rum punch is soooo good...tasty & delicious, and uh, potent. I don't know what exactly goes into the rum punch, but -- I love it! It tastes a bit fruity, with hardly no hint of alchohol. If you keep drinking it...before you know it, you'll be the first diving in and snorkelling with the SHARKS! laugh Liquid Courage.
Hello New England Girl,

Congratulations to you and Yours Truly. You both picked one of the most beautiful places in the world to get married. You'll love it! I'm sure you'll both have stories to tell the youngsters later on.... wink Have a brilliant wedding!
Hello Hey Jude,

Whew. Y'all will definitely need R&R after Mardi Gras. AC will be your vacation from the vacation. smile I totally understand about winding down though...that's why my friends and I chose AC. A little bit of R&R during the day..and a little bit of partying at night. Perfect R&R!
Hello Jim Wade's Little Sister,

In my group we're all 25 years old. Well, one gal with us is turning 25 down in AC -- that's going to be a crazy night. laugh So, if you see us around -- most likely we'll begin our nights at Fido's, and end our nights at the last club to shut down -- then please, both you and your daughter hang out with us! laugh I'll get the first rounds of Belikins or Rum Punch or whatever your choosing....Also, a guy travelling with us is "available"...From Dallas...and is finacially stable! Perfect description, eh? We should introduce your daugther and my friend together. eek wink Well, before he reads this and sees I'm trying to match him up...I'd better go. Take care. Hope to see ya down there!
Cheers Everyone.
Posted By: Jim Wade's Little Sister

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 07:32 AM

Hey JohnnyK:

You sound like a good group to hang out with. Can't wait to meet up with all of you. And yeah maybe we could do a little matchmaking on the sly, but of course without anyone knowing about it. We'll see ya soon. My given name is Peggy and my daughter is Leigh Ann.
Posted By: JohnnyK

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 08:17 AM

Hi Peggy AKA Jim Wade's Little Sister wink ,

Pleasure to meet you. My name is Johnny. laugh

As a ritual, my friends and I remain at Fido's from the early afternoons to most of the early evenings, unless we are on a tour of some kind.

We love Fido's especially because of the board games they offer [check out Trivia Pursuit wink ] and the beach front scenery. Very relaxing, and friendly atmosphere. smile

I'm most certain either you or Leigh Ann will spot our conspicuous group: the "available" guy is tall - 6 ft 4 in. or so.

So, be on the look out! :p I'm really looking forward to going to AC and meeting new friends! Hopefully, I'll see ya down there, Peggy. Cheers. JK
Posted By: Short

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 11:49 AM

Always happy to meet family of Jimmy!!
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 05:17 PM

So is anyone that is coming in March going to stay at Mayan PRincess besides our group? I understand (correct me if I am wrong) that Fidos is right next to the Mayan Princess.
Posted By: nameste

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 05:33 PM

I will be in AC from March 27 - April 3 after being in San Ignacio
Posted By: PalmLovinCouple

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 05:51 PM


Can not wait to get to the Island! My husband and I are going to be there from March 29 - April 6.
First time. Staying at Banyan Bay. Meeting up with 4 others. They are at Mata Rocks and Playa Blanca. AKA ... Lizzard and New England Girl. We are all 36 and from Boston area. 2 in Portland,Me. We have had a brutal winter and are soooo ready to be there and relax,snorkle,dive,fish,and see our good friends tie the knot & tie one on!

Hope to meet some of you.
Safe trips to all!

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 06:20 PM

we fly out of houston 3/7 on continental - anyone else. the plan is to step off plane - go to bcs for drink - maybe the punta boys that night, i think at sharks.
we may go to lamanai with daniel t sometime - anybody wanna go?
we will be at rubys til maybe 3/14 or 3/15, then we are taking the bus to cancun & ferry to cozumel. laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
we plan to go to fidos on cat 7 night. i don't know if that is saturday or not.
gay & david cool
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 06:27 PM

Gay and David
We fly out of Houston on TACA March 7 as well. Do not have any plans that night because I am not sure where to go or what to do yet. What is Cat 7 night?
Posted By: cook2

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 06:34 PM

We will be in AC From March 15-22. Two adults, 47 and 48 from Dallas, TX. Staying at the Belizean Shores up North.
This will be our first trip and ready for some warmer weather.

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 06:42 PM

category 7 is a band that performs at fidos a couple nights during the week. good dancing classic rock & some new stuff. don't miss them.
my 20 something son said it was the music that i brainwashed him with when he was little. what child abuse huh? he would head for big daddys or jaguars when we would go to bed. the younger croud puntas way late there.
Posted By: Scubabuddy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 02/28/03 06:48 PM

Thanks Gay and David

I will be right next to FIdos I think where we are staying. I wonder if we can hear the music from the hotel.
Posted By: kathyw

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 03/03/03 07:01 PM

Just made our reservations. Arriving March 27th. thru April 15th. We have a house about 1 mile south of Caribe Island. Hope to meet up with some on the board. New England Girl, would love to meet you, we will be in Maine in a few months and would be interested in talking with you about where to go and what to see.
Posted By: Mojo

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 03/03/03 09:05 PM

My wife and I will be in AC 3/24 through 3/31. We are from FL and are in our late twenties. Look forward to bumping in to some of you at the bar.
Posted By: klcman

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 03/04/03 01:36 AM

Kathy -

what brings you to our lobstah state for a few months? and where are ya staying?
Posted By: Les Spicy

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 03/04/03 06:35 AM

Hey Lizzard and New England Girl and others,

My family and I will be staying at the Palms March 29 - Apr 5. We are from MN and have had a mild winter but I don't do ice diving so mild is still cooold!

We have two friends staying at the Sunbreeze same time frame. The adults are all in our young 40's and our kids are 11 & 14. The guys(3) will be diving in the morinings and kickin' back in the PMs. Wife and kids plan to hang out and do day trips to snorkle and whatever looks fun.

We should find a good meeting spot and buy the newlyweds a round.
Posted By: kathyw

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 03/05/03 06:26 PM

We have a few free flights to use before August. Neither of us have been to Maine and have heard how beautiful it is. Havn't made the final plans on where to go or where to stay. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: coloradogirl

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 03/05/03 09:05 PM

more march arrivals to add, we will be in AC March 31st thru the 4th staying at Captain Morgans. 4 adults, late 20's-actually my husband is turning 30 in Belize! all from colorado, hope to see some of you at the Palapa!
Posted By: New England Girl

Re: MARCH ARRIVALS! [Please Post] - 03/19/03 08:39 PM

Hello March Arrivals!

Looks to me like March & April will be providing AC with lots of fun and stories to tell!

kathyw - I would enjoy chatting with you about places to visit in Maine. email me at: [email protected]
I hope we do all get to meet!

Les Spicy - Picking a place & time to meet sounds like a fabulous idea. As you may have read, we are getting married in AC on 4/2 so I say that would be the easiest place to find all of us at the same time & location. We have chosen to be on the beach in front of Carribean Villas at 4:30(ish) for a small intimate wedding and then photos in their tropical garden. We've already shipped the champagne to our resort (Mata Rocks) so we will have that with us for celebrating!

So, there you have it folks - an open invitation to join in the post wedding celebration! We have dinner reservations at The Victoria House for 7:30 so I'm sure we'll have at least an hour to whoop it up after the wedding & photos!!

See you all soon! Safe travels!
New England Girl
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