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Posted By: Tyler

AC Tourist Spots - 03/01/03 05:36 AM

Hey everyone. I'm headed to AC this sunday for about a week and was wondering if you could hit me up with some of the places you think I should see. I heard the beaches and ruins were a site! Let me know of any other tourist spots on AC that are eye catching. Thanks. -Tyler
Posted By: klcman

Re: AC Tourist Spots - 03/01/03 07:01 AM

Tyler - Just guessing here but I'm betting youhaven't dnme much homework yet. Right? There are no ruins of any consequence or easily discernable on AC. They are all on the mainland. Now, you can get there for a day trip, sure and they are tons of fun & definitely worth the effort.

The beaches are not those pretty Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine pristene, sugary, soft sand type that go on forever and lined with tall languid palm trees. The reef prevents that geological event from happening.

But we all love it anyway. Might I suggest you use that little search butotn up there on the right hand side at the top, or the one on the lower left and read to your hearts' content. You'll find lots of good info from everyone!

Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: AC Tourist Spots - 03/01/03 08:26 AM

hi Tyler! I am a first timer to AC as well. Click on "Goods & Services" at the top of this page, you can find all the tour operators and what they have to offer there. If you see something you like, come back down to the message board and do a search on it, see what others had to say. KLC is right, searching is the key to finding out most everything. Check out this whole awesome site - it is so much more than just the message board. Enjoy your trip! Post a trip report when you get back. smile

PS, Toad's feet do not qualify as a tourist attraction, I don't think........ wink
Posted By: Tyler

Re: AC Tourist Spots - 03/01/03 08:55 AM

Thanks for some of the info. I did realize the ruins weren't on AC. I just meant thats where I was staying. Anything on or near AC would be great.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: AC Tourist Spots - 03/01/03 01:52 PM

I don't know what activities you are interested in, but some cool things folks have done are caving trips & lamanai and altun ha ruins on the mainland, snorkle shark ray alley/hol chan, rent a golf cart and explore as far as you can go north and south, parasailing, manatee trips, fishing, diving, diving, DIVING!Remember to slow down and enjoy the folks who live there, have a conversation or ten. Enjoy their beautiful home. You are on an island, surrounded by ocean, AND THE SUN IS SHINING! I think you'll find plenty to do. smile
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: AC Tourist Spots - 03/01/03 03:43 PM

Activites ideas:

Snorkeling: Alfonse Graniel, L'il Alfonse under "Goods & Services" menu above, phone: 614-5450; 226-3537; great guy & guide, wonderful with people & fish; ask him about other snorkeling sites after you visit Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley

Fishing: Ramon or Severo Guerrero, phone 226-2325, 226-2324; great fishermen and fun to spend a day with; they cook a great beach picnic with your catch and will send fillets back with you for restaurant to cook for future meals

Sailing: Geraldo Badillo, 226-2264, fun and serene

Parasailing: Fido's Dock

Great local food: Los Cocos restaurant on north end of town, off middle street past Richie's Supermarket; wonderful whole fried snapper and fish fillets

Happy trip!
Posted By: Tyler

Re: AC Tourist Spots - 03/02/03 07:42 AM

Thank you all. I'll be there in the next 24 hours :-p. Appreciate the help.
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