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Posted By: jheald

Swimming beaches - 03/13/03 08:28 PM

Going to AC for the first time in a couple of weeks. Have some questions about the beaches that the hotel and other web sites don't seem to address very well.

How are the beaches for swimming? Some of the hotel sites mention swimming from the piers... is the bottom sandy or rocky (or coral)? what's this thing about sea walls?

Also what about walking up and down the beach for a real stroll or jog? Seems like they are all touting their private beaches, which doesn't seem that cool to me...

Any places for shelling?

Thanks for any insight.
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/13/03 10:10 PM

Some places like banana Beach and Ramons have a short seawall that helps to keep the beach but it's not that big of a deal. At BB you can still enter the sea from the seawall or a few feet off either side of it. It's a little rocky for a few feet off the beach and after that fairly sandy...the main thing is the seagrass which is everywhere...I think that's why some places say something like swimming off the pier...Mainly to help avoid the seagrass..If I'm wrong someone please correct me...I've only swam off the pier once and it wasn't entirely on purpose.
You can walk as far on the beach as you want. There are a couple places that you go up a couple small steps and I suppose technically you are on a "hotel" beach but my understanding is that the beaches are all public. I've walked from BB down to Ramons along the beach and you could go further if you want. Some spots are good for jogging some not. As for shells, I've found some conch shells walking along and some small shells. I hope this helps.
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/13/03 10:25 PM

You can walk a long ways. Usually we go south. This year we took the hand bridge across the cut, walked over where the first new housing development is (right side), and then all the way to Capricorn. I imagine you could walk further, if your feet hold up! Its a very attractive walk. Good idea to leave early and carry water. There's no place open early morning until you get to Capricorn (about 3 miles via the beach). On the return trip you can stop at the Palapa Bar right over the water, or go a bit further back towards San Pedro and cut over to Sweet Basil (maybe 1/2 mile before the cut). Its a really nice place, and the food is good.
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/13/03 11:06 PM

Meant to say, we walked along the beach. The road gets pretty dry and dusty.
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 12:39 AM

Walking along the beach is just lovely, you can go seemingly forever. My favorite place to swim is right at the cut, on the south side, right off the beach. Ah, delicioso. Hubby and I went biking up north, got nice and sweaty and hot, crossed over on the hand ferry, and then jumped in the water right there at the cut. Ah,,, fantastic. I can still feel that refreshment!! Watch out for speeding boats though, going into the cut!
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 12:48 AM

My daughter is a marathon runner, she ran the beach everyday on vacation, south and north of the cut.
She ran from Sunbreeze north, rode the ferry, and ran on the beach way north of Journey's End, and back. Other days she ran south on beach, and back on the street, really early in the morning to avoid street traffic. She said you have to do some zigging and zapping but very doable, and pleasurable. When you get really sweaty, just jump in the sea to rinse off.

Swimming, Ramon's has a large section of their beach w/o a seawall.
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 02:34 AM

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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 02:47 AM

I think you can run whereever you want to.

I'd start at Banana Beach and then head towards town, as someone else said, you have to zig zag a bit. On my next trip I'm going to try to run from Banana Beach down to town, run to the hand ferry, run ON the hand ferry (jogging in place) run off the hand ferry and then down to the Sweel Basil for lunch. smile .

Wish me luck.
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 03:28 AM

OMG..I'm dead meat....even in a golf cart... laugh
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 03:26 PM

Thanks for all the good advice.

Is Belikens a real light beer or does it have a little bite to it? I tend to prefer ales and dark beers, though Imperial (Costa Rica) in bottles was pretty good.
Posted By: Marie

Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 05:32 PM

My husband likes the stout better, so you can always give that a try. There's another Belizean beer, can't think of the name of it, but you'll find it when you get there. You can give that a try. If any one of your party, Wine De Vine has nice things, good prices, and great cheeses and pate to go with it. Have fun!
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/14/03 05:33 PM

Oops! Meant "likes wine"...
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/15/03 01:44 AM

Ramons does have a seawall on the South side but the North side is pure sand (shared with The Palms) and is well protected between 2 docks. Seagrass is an issue but it's what stops the beaches from being eroded and requiring seawalls. It doesn't bite and if you're swimming I assume you keep your feet of the bottom. The Boca del Rio area north of town has a couple of nice "public" beaches (Wet Willy's Northwards). I believe the first 60' of all waterfront is "Queens Land" and is therefore public land (I'm open to corrections if I'm wrong).


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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/15/03 04:59 AM

You can walk/stroll North and South.
The 2nd time we were there we stayed at a home just South of JE. We walked South to the ferry, jumped on, then walked to Ramones. (we could have gone further but we were on a delivery mission at the time) wink
When we ventured North from the home we stayed, we made it to a home where the owners had placed drifted/lost shoes from the sea to line the walking path. TOOO COOOL was that! We actually stopped there to find a shoe for our eldest that might fit. (I think one of her shoes had broken and she was a whining. lol Could not find one big enough for her though...) we only walked a bit further then returned. You MUST bring water with you on these walks as well!!!
Our last trip we stayed at Caribe Island, South of town. We walked to town and further (North)pretty much everyday. We did do the walk South of Caribe too, and stopped when we hit the mangroves. Coulda went further if we wished I think, but wanted to do the fishin and hammock thing so turned around. WATER is a must when on these walking trips! :rolleyes: Trust me here!
Have a GREAT trip, don't forget to tell us all about it upon your return!
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Re: Swimming beaches - 03/15/03 10:00 AM

As others have made clear you can walk the beaches as far as you want -this is because the first, I think, 20-25 feet of beach cannot be private i.e. beach front owners MUST legally allow public access.

I believe this first 20 -25 feet is referred to as the Queen's beach (given Belize was a British colony in the past). Marty may be able to confirm ths is correct. laugh
Posted By: Marty

Re: Swimming beaches - 03/15/03 06:41 PM

yes, walking the beach is a time honored tradition!

wouldn't be ambergris without that walk home at night.....

we swim all over, off any pier in sight. many hotels have a section of beach that they clear and make nicer for swimming. but some places the bottom is soft, and squishy for walking. one can still in those places lay in the water and cool off. and there are plenty of places that have a nice tended beach.

many piers have a turtle-grass cleared area off of them for swimming. no shortage of ways to get wet.

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