Posted By: liz722

Cash? - 03/17/03 11:36 PM

Was wondering how much to bring if we are going to be there for 8-10 days (food, activities, ect). And I guess the mass recommendation is to not pick an all-inclusive?

Posted By: Axeman

Re: Cash? - 03/17/03 11:47 PM

Kinda depends on your needs and wants...good food can be had at rock bottom prices from the food vendors.
I spent an average of $100USD each day...but ate like a rockstar and had a blast.
Add $65 for Golf Cart if ya wanna skip walking..
I rode a bike last time and loved it. Bring a flashlight's a law to have one at night when rideing.
Posted By: KathyMLT

Re: Cash? - 03/19/03 03:40 AM

On my trip in Dec/Jan I spent an average of $150 a day which is high for me...but it rained alot so there wasn't much more to do than drink ; ), but that also included a cave tubing trip, catammarran trip, picnic trip to Rocky Point, a doctors visit after hurting my leg cave tubing and heavy tipping.
Usually on trips I always figure about $100 a day and have money left over and that includes tours, food and drinks, tips, souveniers etc....that way I don't have to worry about it and have extra cash in the event of an emergency.
Posted By: Marie

Re: Cash? - 03/19/03 04:35 AM

The little deli at Celi's has some good, inexpensive things. I love the tamales. They are not at all like the tamales most North Americans are used to.
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