We made our plane reservations!

Posted By: Turnbun1971

We made our plane reservations! - 03/19/03 05:46 AM

We'll be back on AC ("the scene of the crime" - our wedding) Aug. 23 - Sept. 1. I can't wait!!! We'll be there with some friends who spent their honeymoon in Belize.

Anyone else going to be on AC the week before Labor Day? I'm ready to play this time without the stress of a wedding and all of our family being there.

Right now, we are planning on leaving our child with my mother, but, just out of curiosity, has anyone brought a one year old to AC? I'm thinking about maybe bringing my mom and kid along so I don't have to spend a week without her.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/19/03 05:58 AM

Great idea, Mother would love it too ! wink
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/19/03 06:15 AM

what's your hubby think about Mom coming along? haha! I guess it is a solution! well, as long as she ain't bunking with you. wink Have a great trip!
Posted By: o jackie

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/19/03 02:49 PM

I will be there, that week, I think. I am scheduled to go in May and then again the 16th or 17th of August, til the 1st of September.

Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/19/03 07:16 PM

Jackie: We'll have to meet up for some panty rippers! I really have to start working on my tolerance.

We're most likely NOT bringing the baby or the mother, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has done this and how it went.
Posted By: GailM

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/19/03 11:48 PM

Hi Turnbun,
I started bringing my son to Belize to visit family and friends when he was two and it went ok as I had someone to help out. I travelled a lot when he was one but mostly he stayed at home. It was difficult being away from him and I was always in a hurry to get back to him so when he got a bit older I started travelling with him and it was a big weight off my mind and I could enjoy myself more. He even lived in Belize with me for six months while I worked at the University for a year (the other six months he stayed in the US with his dad).
I fully understand why you want to bring him and mom along. CONGRATS on your upcoming anniv.
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/20/03 02:03 AM

Thanks, Gail! We're looking forward to spending our anniversary on AC this year. I was 9 months pregnant last year, so we couldn't do anything.
Posted By: Di from Colorado..

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/20/03 06:13 AM

Looks like I'll be missing you. I'm coming down Sept 2-22 for my birthday (7th) I'm considering bringing my red-heeler (Australian Cattle DOG)
and I'm thinking that will be to much responsibility. My American friends live there and have five dogs and to have my boy Gizmo stay there would be easy as he could hang out with the other dogs. Still, it's your life(style) and if bringing MOM down would work, go for it.
Good Luck! Diane
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/20/03 06:06 PM

It's not like my mother would stay in the same room as us. She'd be there to baby sit Avery while we go out and party at night, go on tours, etc. I'm just having a little anxiety about leaving my baby for a week.
I need to start leaving her with my mom/mother in law over night some so I can be ready to leave her for a whole week in August. I know we'll have a blast, but it's tough to leave your baby for the first time.
Dianne: Sorry we'll miss you! Don't they have quarantine laws for dogs?
Posted By: denverdan

Re: We made our plane reservations! - 03/21/03 04:13 AM

Oh man, what a sweetie she is!!!
Ya know, I still have probs when my kids go off with school and such at 17 and 14. So I'm not sure if that instinct will ever go away. wink
I guess it depends on your mom/mom in-law, and how both of you parents get along with either...
If I had a small one agan, (OMG) I'd have to do the nanny thing. It's nice to have them around! MHO
Have another GREAT trip!
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