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Relaxing - 03/22/03 07:19 AM

Never been to AC...usually go to Puerta Vallarta to just relax and chill for several days...dont do much of anything but lay by the pool and chill out, go out to nice dinner etc. It appears that most people go to Ac to dive, snorkle and go on day this about right. I would love to go snorkle etc but my husband ( high stress job) just likes to chill...will we be happy here, doing not much of anything? I had read about a trip where a guide takes you fishing, then to a beach and cooks your catch...sounds great to me, as we are going with another couple, sounds like a possibility. We have considered this in Puerta Vallarta, but the water can be rough and some of us get seasick. Is the water in AC calmer than in might be in PV? Any thoughts? One other question... what are the people of AC's thoughts on Americans, if the war is still going on? Anyone been to Puerta Vallarta that can compare the two and give any opinions? thanks
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Re: Relaxing - 03/22/03 04:00 PM

Hi Jpv1! Yes, I've been to both, but PV a very long time ago. AC is a very different environnment from the old PV I loved (and went to two or three times), than what I understand it is now. There is an island off PV you could check into, used to be called Yelapa or Yalapa, we went there and it was very restful. Also, a small town north of Zihautenejo (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) that I just heard is great. If you want to know, I can check that out for you (old Pan Am sales agents never die, they just keep selling, even for free).

My husband, too, has been working like a dog the last two years. Usually, we alternate AC with another, more difficult trip, but his partner has very aggressive cancer and my husband just needed a rest from the extra hours he's put in. We dive, but you can just rest, too. He was sleeping 13 hours a night the first few days, very unlike him. The hotel we like is quiet. Hence, AC the last two years in a row. But, this is our 'nest', we always come back. I highly recommend it. Anyone who knows me on this site, knows I'm going to I go again......Paradise Resort Hotel. Very quiet and restful place. Old time Belize. Once in AC, you can do whatever you darn well please. If you want to just lop around, believe me, the place is made for it. Ask for rates on V2 or V3, about $130. You have a nice porch to lop on, covered in bouganvilla, and old time wood lounges when you want to chance the sun (early or late, or you will be sorry). They have other rooms down to the mid $70.00's. If you feel active, you can get any number of people to take you snorkeling, fishing or learn to scuba. I'm fond of the folks at Bottom Time. If not, just lay around and chill. I'm a really active person, and what I love about it, is that a woman can hoof down the beach at the crack of dawn or in the evening, and be totally safe. You're gonna love it!

Re the water, as long as you are inside the reef, its usually pretty calm. It can get worked up, but if you are just swimming or snorkeling, its not a problem. Do remember, swimming does have its problems. There are beaches, but you may have to walk around the corner to get there. Have a wonderful time!
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Oops! Forgot to add! Re Americans, I've never seen a problem. All you've got to do is engage the residents and be respectful of their customs. Just the same common courtesy you would afford to anyone in any place you live or visit. I remember one day, some years ago, when I was standing outside at the bare crack of dawn at....where else...PRH, taking pictures of sunrise and the Winnie Estell, and as each person walked by on their way to work, I said, "good morning..beautiful day isn't it". By about the 10th person, I chuckled and added, "but aren't they all beautiful here!" This fisherman philospher responded, "Yes Mum, its only we who make them otherwise". Go, have fun! Your gonna love it.
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Re: Relaxing - 03/22/03 06:02 PM

Rick and I used to go to Puerto Vallarta a few years in a row before we found out about AC,Belize.......GO TO AC!!!!! C
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Re: Relaxing - 03/22/03 09:23 PM

PV is a much much larger place than San Pedro. The kinds of hotels that you are used to staying at are not to be found there. There are a few that come close, I suppose but I think it is apples and oranges.

Where do you usually stay in PV?

For myself, even with the sea grass, etc. I prefer the waters of AC to those of PV.

If you are really looking for a total chill experience, you should stay up on the northside. Also, be prepared for smaller swimming pools than you are used to as well.
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 12:57 AM

We usually stay at La Jolla De Mismaloya, south of PV...but have also stayed at the Westin Regina ( Marina Area) and the Buenaventura on our honeymoon. We are considering staying at Capt Morgans, Mata Chica or you know anything about any of these. What would you say would be one of the most luxurious of the resorts in AC? Love to chill out and go to the "hole in the wall" restaurants and bars, but at the end of the my luxury. Thanks for your input
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 01:13 AM

Cant find Paradise Beach on the map on this site. Only find Paradise Palace which is the north end, just below Journeys end. Is this the place you are referring to? I found Paradise Beach resort under lodgings but it didnt talk about accomodations. Can you tell me what they are like? Any suites or luxury rooms? I know it wont be PV standards. Like the look of the cabanas on the they have a pool? How is the beach? Thanks
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 01:16 AM

so you're saying you like to chill out?
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 03:21 AM

The closest you will come to what you are used to are Banyan Bay (all 2 bedroom suites, so not for you), Captain Morgans, Victoria House, Belize Yacht Club and even then they are not really comparable.

I don't believe that either Mata Chica or Portofino has a pool.

From what you are telling me, I believe that you are looking for Victoria House. This is a lovely place with a variety of room/acco styles, all very upscale but with the special feel of the Caribbean. The grounds are gorgeous, the pool is lovely and the beach has the whitest sand in the area. They take very good care of it. It has a nice lounge that looks out over the water in two directions and a more formal dining room. It is also south and so you don't need to worry about getting back and forth from town.

Captain Morgans has a tropical look ala Gilligan's Island kind of theme (thatch roofs and rougher exterior) but Victoria House put me in mind of a more genteel time in the Virgin Islands.

I've heard mixed reviews from those that have stayed at Capt. M's but so far haven't heard anything negative about Victoria House. On location alone, I'd go with Victoria House. That said, for me, there's really no choice to be made. Victoria House is fabulous.
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 04:43 AM

Oops, I said Banyan Bay was not for you but I guess if there are two couples going and you don't mind sharing, then you might find it good.

Along with its other types of accommodation, Victoria House also has a house with a private pool. I can't remember for sure but I think it has two bedrooms. Certainly the master suite was amazing.

Anyway, if a party rents the whole house, which you wouldn't be doing, it has five bedrooms and sleeps up to 14, I think. The other bedrooms are on the upper level and can be segregated off from the rest of the house and rented out individually. I thought everything about this house, even the individual rooms, was just great.

The only problem with it that I'd see, is that just now, a luxury home is being built next door and so during the construction phase, it might not be too appealing a place to stay due to noise.

However, because of the way that the property is laid out, I don't think that the construction noise would affect any of the other units/casitas.
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 07:54 AM

Hi, Check your other site! I answered it there! Have fun planning!
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 04:01 PM

Hell hath no fury like a paying customer scorned.
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check for Paradise Resort hotel on the heart of town map here:
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Re: Relaxing - 03/23/03 04:43 PM

Marty, you wretch, you just ruined my day. Thanks a whole heck of a lot! I was so pleased with myself having walked, in bare feet, all the way to Capricorn the day before I left. Then up you come with the map. It doesn't look at all as far as it felt. Jeesch!
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