Need help with some info!

Posted By: Seaislegal

Need help with some info! - 03/31/03 06:23 PM

Hey all.. we are flushing out some excurion ideas for when we get to AC this year and my crew had some questions.

We'd like to do the Manatee / beach BBQ trip. How far are the manatees from AC.. is it a long boat ride and do you get to swim with them at all? For the Beach BBQ lunch, what do they serve (a couple of us don't eat fish). What do folks think of this trip in general and any info is appreciated! Who is the best outfit to go with?

We'd also like to do a catamaran trip to Caye Caulker. The cat we took last year though was one of those with the hammock middle and we didn't like that as the water would splash up between the cushions and with having some pricey camera / camcorders along we weren;t comfortable with that and the fear of dropping stuff through the holes between the cushins into the ocean. Is there a catamaran with a solid middle at all?

If we can't find a cat trip that isn't a hammock one, then is there a ferry to Caye Caulker and where does it run from / price..?

Thanks in advance!

Less than 5 weeks to go!!!!!!
Andrea in Atlanta

Posted By: o jackie

Re: Need help with some info! - 03/31/03 06:53 PM

I did the manatee with Searious and it was great. The beach BBQ was really not a BBq. It was food that was cooked and brought with us. We had chicken and rice and fruit and of course Willies famous brownies.
No, you cannot swim with the Manatees, I only saw one, but I saw alot of dolphins. Actually this is my favorite trip. Two snorkel stops and the BBQ and just the boat ride. It was fun.
The Catamaran, I did with Unity Tours(Rubio Brothers) and they have a solid bottom middle on cat. The front and rear have the hammock like things. So if you are worried that is who I would go with.
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Re: Need help with some info! - 03/31/03 08:06 PM

Hi,just got back from San Pedro on 3/21 and did the manatee trip with Willie from Searious. It was an amazing day!!! We saw dolphin and several manatees. One kept surfacing closer and closer to the boat. It was so cool even though you can't swim with them. They are very shy. We then went over to tiny Goff Caye for our delicious lunch bbq. Pasta salad, curried potatoes, chunky veggie salad, BBQ'd chicken and brownies for dessert and of course all the rum punch, Beliken, soda and water you can drink. (We are vegetarians so there was alot for us to eat) Willie also did a short group snorkel with us there. The thing I found really funny was how crowded Goff Caye was. It was like the Jersey shore in July! There was alot of cruise ship people there and it's not a very big caye. Then we stopped at Caye Caulker for about an hour and then we stopped for another snorkel. This part was GREAT!! I swam with dozens and dozens of manta rays and at least 8-10 nurse sharks. We also got a free Searious t-shirt because we booked directly with Searious. (We did all our tours with them.) If we ever get our website up with our photograph's I'll let you know (hopefully sometime this week.)
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Re: Need help with some info! - 03/31/03 09:22 PM

Great info.. good for the heads up about the cruise ship crowds!

Anyone know what day the cruise ships come in (i.e., the days to avoid going on any trips like the Manatee one!)

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Re: Need help with some info! - 03/31/03 09:26 PM

I was told the cruise ships are in port Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays.
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Re: Need help with some info! - 04/01/03 01:43 AM

yup t-w-t correct.
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Re: Need help with some info! - 04/01/03 01:48 AM

How much does the manatee trip cost?
Posted By: o jackie

Re: Need help with some info! - 04/01/03 02:37 AM

I think it was 75.00 with Searious when I went,Willies brownies are worth 74.99, laugh . It is my favorite trip.

Posted By: Axeman

Re: Need help with some info! - 04/01/03 03:49 AM

Glad to hear the Sharks are still there...

Becky..."men in Tee's" are very expensive in AC I said MANATEE's...oops laugh laugh
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Need help with some info! - 04/01/03 03:56 AM

I like my men topless thank you very much. Paisano and I have been arguing for years over the fact that he still wears that tshirt with the holes in it. Why tease me like that? eek eek
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