Water Temperatures?

Posted By: Albatross

Water Temperatures? - 03/25/03 07:10 PM

Hi all...

With so many of you returning from your recent trips to AC, can someone give me an idea of the current water temperatures? I understand that about a month ago, it was below normal. We have been told to expect water temps around 81 degrees +/- 2 degrees. Sound about right? We leave Saturday, March 29, for the Belize Aggressor, then an extension on Ambergris Caye April 5-8. Can't Wait!!!!! laugh cool smile laugh
Posted By: Marie

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/25/03 07:25 PM

Yup! I'd say the 80's are about it. Is this your first time?

If so, you just have a heck of a wonderful time. Where are you going?
Posted By: seashell

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/25/03 07:40 PM

Water temp was around 81 when I left on Mar.2.
Posted By: Albatross

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/25/03 07:53 PM


Yes, this is our first time to Belize. After utilizing all of the generously given information on this message board, we decided that the Mayan Princess fit our bill for our extension. We love live-aboard diving, but after a week of daily Breakfast/Dive/Snack/Dive/Lunch/Dive/Snack/Dive/Dinner/Dive, well, we are generally a bit tired. We really look forward to our extensions. It allows us to see a bit of the country who's waters we have been privileged to visit, as well as the ability to slow down and relax. We do not like to plan on more dives during that time, but invariably we end up getting in a few more tanks. If this is the case again in AC, we will be using Amigos Del Mar.

We have been very lucky to go on some wonderful vacations in the past. However, this year has been quite awful for us, so as the light of our vacation nears, it has literally brightened up our lives. This is not the time or the place to dwell on our recent angsts, but please know that this message board has provided a mini-vacation for me every day. It is truly amazing how thinking about something so positive everyday, can help one to keep drudging though life's obstacles.

A big Thank You goes out to all board members smile
Posted By: Albatross

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/25/03 07:55 PM

Thanks Seashell! Sounds perfect!
Posted By: Marie

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/26/03 02:19 AM

Hi Albatross! Well, AC ought to help you rest up. Be sure to write an update when you get back. I've always wondered what those liveaboards are like. Have a great and restful time.
Posted By: Hey Jude

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/26/03 06:56 AM

Just returned on March 15th. The water temp on most of our dives was 82 to 84 degrees. The exception was Blue Hole where we experienced 77 degrees, but we were down at 154 feet so we were not there long. We saw the live-aboard aggressor several times out at the atolls and outer cayes, so I'm sure they were putting their divers in at the same sites we visited.

Have fun!
--Hey Jude
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/26/03 07:12 AM

sounds like shorty temp! Albatross, the countdown is fun, isn't it? My smile keeps getter bigger and bigger - and lasting longer! I head for AC this weekend, but will be leaving just as you are getting there. Sorry to miss you, would have loved to heard your dive stories. The Aggressor folks are great. Man, you are really gonna have a sweet time. Keep on smiling! laugh
Posted By: jimdog

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/26/03 07:19 AM

dbdoberman; we are flying out of houston this 1:10pm Be good to unplug for a while eh? See you on the plane?
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/26/03 07:29 AM

ahhhhhhh, cannot wait! I am an earlier flight, Jim, but maybe will bump into you in SP. We are gonna have us a time! laugh
Posted By: seashell

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/26/03 09:33 AM

dbdoberman, you are a better man than I. wink

Even in 84 degree water, I wear my 3 mm. Not because I need it on every dive but because of the cumulative effect on my core temp. That said, I don't need to wear my beanie when the water is that warm.
Posted By: Albatross

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/26/03 06:27 PM

Thanks all! 82-84 eh? Nice. I must confess... I am a warm water wimp. I have to tell you, when we dive on live-aboards in warm water, not only do I wear a 3mm full wetsuit, but I also wear a 3mm tank type shorty over it. It is the 5 dives a day that makes me require it. We did a live-aboard in Palau in 87 degree water with just a 3mm on, and we were freezing after the 4th dive. Amazing how important that core temperature is.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am very excited! I think I will go pack my gear again! 3 days and counting! laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/27/03 02:16 PM

I love diving wearing the very least possible. If I were diving multiple dives daily tho, yup - a 3mm. I was hoping to get by on just taking a shorty and a lined diveskin, as I am only doing 2 dives daily. Might have to rethink that for the Blue Hole trip and the night dive.

Albatross! 2 days and a wakeup! smile life is good!
Posted By: Albatross

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/28/03 12:40 AM

Dbdoberman - It sounds like that is going to work great for you. Even though I generally get chilled before others do, a 3mm suit worked fine for me for 2 dives/day in Cozumel. Water temp was about 81. Oh boy, Oh boy, two days indeed!
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/28/03 01:01 AM

If you find me and my girlfriend I will buy the first drink but she leaves on monday-you better be quick.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Water Temperatures? - 03/28/03 05:48 AM

thanks Peter, hope to see you.....I should meet the lady before I attend the wedding, don't you think? wink
Posted By: Res Ipsa

Re: Water Temperatures? - 04/07/03 01:23 AM

Am returning to AC on 4/14!! Hurray! counting the days (it's gonna snow 6 inches tomorrow here in NYC!) Got my scuba gear and ticket in hand. Who can tell me what are the 5 best scuba sites?
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