Captain Nemo??

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Captain Nemo?? - 03/26/03 07:29 PM

Anybody know if Captain Nemo is still around? He used to take us out in the glass bottom boat years back. We would be the only boat on the reef as far as you could see. We'd cook our catch with coconut husks on the beach. He allowed no flat fish on the boat but would never tell me why. Anyone know why? I also used to go out with Alfredo and who I think was Fido's brother, but I can't remember his name.

The first time down in 1976, I borrowed one fin, snorkel, and mask and fell face down into the water off Fido's pier. I didn't come out for three hours just looking at the little brightly colored fish that would attack my mask to defend their itty bitty territories. My first trip to Belize was actually in 1969, but it was just a lay over from Nicaragua.
Is the Big C still back in Brlize City? St. George around?
Oh yeah, how about the taxi driver with one eye missing? Still driving? He ran off with my suitcase one time from the muni airport, but it only took a couple of hours to track him down and get it back. Easy id anywhere in the city. hehehehe
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Posted By: ejbpesca

Re: Captain Nemo?? - 03/28/03 08:04 PM

Well..I'll answer my own message. Looks like no one on this board knows/knew Capt. Nemo.
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