Swimming Pools

Posted By: Turnbun1971

Swimming Pools - 03/25/03 11:20 PM

If I were to choose to stay at a place where there is no swimming pool, how likely is it I'll be kicked out of a hotel's swimming pool area? Could I walk to the hotel next door and use their pool? I'd probably be buying drinks at their bar and such.
Posted By: KBG

Re: Swimming Pools - 03/26/03 12:11 AM

You are going to Belize, why do you even need a pool, you can have one of those in your back yard, at the Y or any hotel in the USA. But if you insist on a pool and you are buying drinks at the bar most likely they will gladly let you use their pool as long as you are not roudy and don't have a party of 20 or more. Whatever get to Belzie soon and enjoy before tooooo many tourist discover the secret.KBG laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: BobS

Re: Swimming Pools - 03/26/03 06:10 PM

Very unlikely. I do it all the time. Ive only heard of one exception in AC.

Suggest you start at the bar, tip the tender and then ask if it's ok. This way he can assuage any bouncers.

If you are nice it will be reciprocated.

Take a dip for me. :=]
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Swimming Pools - 03/26/03 08:02 PM

The ONLY place I have heard of that this is NOT allowed is at Ramon's. Some have even had lunch there, and while waiting for thier food were asked to leave the pool. Rude, but their perogative.....Most other places are nice about it....
Posted By: The Wiz

Re: Swimming Pools - 04/01/03 07:19 AM

I have noticed that most of the hotels in San Pedro have signs that say in bold letters "SWIMMING POOL FOR HOTEL GUESTS ONLY"
Then again I do not blame them.
1) You are too CHEAP to stay at their hotel in the first place! Why should they let you use their pool? For a few lousy drinks that you will pee in the pool anyway!
2) Why should they let a guest of another hotel where the owners are too CHEAP to build their own pool use their pool? Wake up! Let them get a loan and build their own pool. mad
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Swimming Pools - 04/01/03 09:52 AM

The Wiz: Do you not know of that song that says: "signs, signs, everywhere the signs, knocking out the scenery, etc. Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign? Axel Rose, I believe, sang that. Anyway, I have been known to "pool shark" on AC and it has been a harmless and hysterical activity. The prerequisite is that one must be "overly refreshed", preferably after leaving BCs.
Posted By: KBG

Re: Swimming Pools - 04/01/03 03:02 PM

Looks like the Wiz maybe needs to get on down to SP soon and lighten up, his fisrt post on this board ends up with a mad . Go to SP soon and enjoy, pool or no pool. :p :p :p
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Swimming Pools - 04/01/03 04:18 PM

Um, EXCUSE me, Wiz. I'm NOT too cheap to stay in a hotel with a pool. However, there are 6 of us going to San Pedro together, and we are contemplating staying in a house (an EXPENSIVE house, thankyouverymuch) that does not have a pool (we like the idea of renting a home and having the whole place to ourselves). Chill out and get a life.

p.s. given your nick name, YOU may pee in the pool, but I do not.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Swimming Pools - 04/01/03 05:04 PM

There are a couple of really nice houses,for rent, with pools-what I would also do is hire a cook and a chef for the week(go all out)-if you need tel. no. of chef -I will send you one
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