Posted By: Vacation Bound

1 WEEK AND COUNTING... - 03/28/03 05:16 AM

My wife and I leave for AC Saturday April 5th...OH MY GOD!!! So excited about getting away for a bit and clearing our heads. These days our heads (as I'm sure yours as well) have been filled with the war in Iraq. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all those risking lives for freedom over there!!! I won't lie when I say we are a bit worried about travling out of the country durning this crazy time...any thoughts on that from anyone??
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: 1 WEEK AND COUNTING... - 03/28/03 05:31 AM

I'm excited as well VB, I leave in 2 days! laugh
Enjoy yourself, it's a great time to escape!
I thought about the travelling part at this time as well, flying.....for about a second. I think it's as good as time to go as any, maybe better.
Have fun!!!! smile
Posted By: Les Spicy

Re: 1 WEEK AND COUNTING... - 03/28/03 06:36 AM

I'm out of here Sat AM and in Belize by 3PM. We are so excited to get there and start to really see Belize.

I've read too much - its time to be there.
Posted By: Marie

Re: 1 WEEK AND COUNTING... - 03/28/03 03:58 PM

Just go and have fun. I think we are over-reacting to this (here comes the vociferous complaints). Be thankful you and I aren't the poor young ones over there in harms way. My opinion, and certainly not necessarily yours, you have a choice. You either stay home and curl up, or you live your life. I don't choose to curl up. Warm your heart and your soul in our good Belize.
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: 1 WEEK AND COUNTING... - 03/28/03 04:56 PM

I think you will be in one of the safest places you can be. Have a great time!
Posted By: klcman

Re: 1 WEEK AND COUNTING... - 03/29/03 01:25 AM

go...have a MARVELOUS TIME and don;t worry about a thing.

There are no B52's within 5000 miles of AC.
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