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tropica - 04/01/03 08:35 PM

Hi - I am hoping you can help out by letting me know what the Tropica resort is like. A girlfriend and I are headed to AC soon for a much needed vacation! We mostly want to sit on the beach and relax.

Also, is there a grocery store in San Pedro?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: tropica - 04/01/03 11:24 PM

This is a reprint of a post made here by deb1022 on Feb 1/2003:

"Stayed at Tropica in November and was totally ticked. All of a sudden all these little boats come pulling up on our dock and started to drop off people for the afternoon. They were fed a big lunch, able to use the pool, layed on the beach chairs for over 3 hours. Tropica was infested with what felt like 250 people. Needless to say we didn't lay on the beach or swim in the pool that day. I think we should have been told this by management or something but then there would not be any "ching" going on. Those people were clueless as to what had happened and I'm sure they would not have liked it had the tables been turned. Next time I will ask when making reservations if any cruise ships get dropped off."

I saw this for myself last month and so can confirm that it is a fairly accurate report.
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Re: tropica - 04/02/03 01:22 AM

I too witnessed it - on at least Tuesday & Wednesday. May also have been Thursday, not sure as I was up in Bacalar Chico then.
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Re: tropica - 04/08/03 07:04 AM

San Pedro has many grocery stores & supermarkets. The best of the bunch is Island Supermarket, great selection for Belize. Better choice for a hotel would be Ramon's Village.
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Re: tropica - 04/08/03 07:11 AM

Ramon's and Tropica aren't in the same price category. A better choice in Tropica's category would probably be Sunbreeze, Banana Beach or maybe Coconuts.
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Re: tropica - 04/08/03 12:04 PM

Half the fun of Belize is strolling down the street and picking up stuff. There are plenty of grocery stores and Mom and Pop places. I prefer the Mom and Pop's, but you may not. If you have a fondness for fruit, you MUST get the pineapple! And the bananas! So fine! I'm getting hungry just thinking of it! Get a liquado on Front Street..too good! And, if you are around at the right time, buy fish from fishermen just in, all nicely cleaned and scaled for you. on the beach.
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