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packing - 04/06/03 10:02 PM

We are going to AC in June, and we are so excited. I have read that shorts are all we need, but will we ever want a long sleeved shirt? What about when we visit the zoo? My 6 year old gets bad reactions to mosquito bites.
Any other advice is welcome!
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: packing - 04/06/03 10:10 PM

Take the long sleeve shirt for night in case it gets chilly on the water, but for a day at the zoo, just bring extra strong mosquito repellant. Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Windsor3

Re: packing - 04/06/03 10:20 PM

I am confused now. DOES it get chilly by the water at night (June)? I thought it would be nothing but warm/hot always.
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: packing - 04/06/03 10:48 PM

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes it gets just a little chilly around 10 or 11 if you are literally walking on the shore. Again this could be just me, but I sometimes wrap a sweater around my shoulders at night. The weather will be perfect when you get there, don't worry. smile
Posted By: Windsor3

Re: packing - 04/06/03 10:51 PM

Thank you!
Can't wait!
Posted By: seashell

Re: packing - 04/07/03 05:27 AM

I've been freezing my butt off in December in San Pedro and still managed to make it without a sweater or a jacket. You are going in June. Don't worry about it. If you are a tad chilly by the water, step up to Front Street for a few minutes. You'll be heading back to the beach to cool off soon enough after.

No question that mosquitos could be a concern from time to time. Normally I recommend 95% DEET, sold in the Deep Woods Off little pump action model. (you need to read the fine print, some is only 27.5%) But with a 6 year old, you probably don't want the 95%. Still you will need some Benadryl and some hydrocortizone cream, probably. Cuz the misquitos will come at the zoo.
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: packing - 04/07/03 02:28 PM

Dear Windsor 3,
Last year (in June) I brought one long sleeved shirt, never wore it but it did come in handy for wrapping up a bottle of rum I brought back. I can also say the hottest place we visited was the zoo, it's kind of protected from the breezes so you really feel it. We will be back again this June, maybe we'll run in to you. ML
Posted By: Marie

Re: packing - 04/07/03 02:36 PM

Hi Windsor. They love me too. Just find a good kid's strength Deet, and you will be fine. In AC, be sure to stay close to the water where you will get the breezes = less sand fleas. They are mean little devils, and I hope God has a particular place in Hell for them! Having said that, the only time they ever really ate me alive was one year when we spent New Year's in AC. I looked like I had the pox! Never been more than an irritation since. Just spray every day, and you probably will be fine. Don't miss the zoo, bugs or not, its great for kids. The signs are precious, so don't forget the camera.
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