Hey Captjeff

Posted By: River Shark

Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 08:26 PM

Have a great trip - but please leave some fish for next months trip.

Looking forward to our meeting.

PS Now I know what you look like I'll find you at BCs BBQ on Sunday the 4th.

The Shark
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:07 PM

you now can see my photo next to capt jeff name ,but my face will be blocked ,with a cold one to my lips or a huge rib in my mouth we will talk before may 4 about our may 5 fishing trip for the big ones also the bc lunch what time is the party going to start I get there about 12/30 pm but let me know can get there anytime ???? we will hold a big table if we know how many if not we just all meet say hell yeah .
Posted By: River Shark

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:27 PM

Don't look for us until around 2-2:30. I've rescheduled my PM dive for AM so we won't miss the BBQ. If AM gets back around Noon it will take a bit to clean my equipment and self, so 2-2:30 sounds about right.

I saw you picture on your website before you put it on here, no problem finding you when we get there - also have the cell number you gave me.

Looks like a shitload of folks are going in May, so tell them to get stocked up for the RUSH.

Fishing on Cinco De Mayo - HELL YEAH!

cool The Shark cool
cool cool cool cool cool
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:28 PM

Count me in on the party on the 4th. smile
Will there be room on the fishing trip for one more?
Posted By: River Shark

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:36 PM

Captjeff says there's room for 5-6 on the boat. So far just us two.
We're looking at either 1/2 or full day.

Jeff tells me its 170.00US/1/2 day & 230.00/full day - split however many ways + tip to the mate. If there is 5 of us that's only $34.00/each for 1/2 day. They supply all fishing gear and bait & the mate will fillet our catch for us.
Sounds like a blast!

See you in Dallas in about 24-days. (but whose counting right).

The Shark
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:42 PM

Sounds good to me. And don't worry, I am female but far from a fishing wimp. wink
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:48 PM

river shark you need to get there earlier than 2pm but we will check on when the barbeque food is over ???? also is your wife going fishing ????we can fish 4 people reef fishing no more .than that ,also you can get there any time .no pressure no shoes no problem,,,your time is my time ,,..,,.we have plenty of time to make that happen ,,,leaving tomorrow god be willing for my 4/8 to 4/13 trip will keep in touch

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:51 PM

Guys, just a quick observation for what's it worth.

I don't think you want to get to BC's too much after three on any Sunday, or ya'll be a eatin' fritters and popcicles from one of the local street vendors instead of the BBQ from dear Charlene.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:57 PM

islenutt fishing a max of 4 is perfect ,we will have a ball ,lots of action good fun ,if the sharks wife goes ,we have 4 if not three and room for one more ,,4 plus the capt and his mate is six ,total you are welcome ,lets all keep in touch ,will be there may 3 till 10 ,staying aquq marina suites in town ,,,,be back next week from my trip now ,warmest regards the cat jeff ...
Posted By: River Shark

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 09:57 PM

I'll come as I am after diving - it won't be a pretty site - but I still have to rinse the equipment, so let's say around 1, and we'll hope there is still food left.

Don't know for sure about the wife - she usually won't commit 'til she sees the situation - not real adventuresome like me. We'll let you know at BCs if there is still room.

Enjoy this trip and give us a trip report next week when you return.

BON JOVI (or somehting like that).

The Shark
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/07/03 10:05 PM

choo cho thasnks so much thats what I thought last time I was there like 1pm it was great had ribs , chicken, fish , salads ,ate like is was my last meal .love it too goooooood .also a few colds ones to wash the food down ,went back around 3pm took a nap ,does not get any better than that ,,,,.
Posted By: booboo

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/08/03 11:46 PM

Oh man, You are all making me sooo jealous that I have to wait until July to get down there! PLEASE leave us some fish to catch!!!

Have fun all.
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: Hey Captjeff - 04/09/03 10:04 PM

Hey, Capt. Jeff. Do you have Beach'os address I need to send him some stuff. E mail me at [email protected] Thanks and it sounds like you will be making a bunch of friends at this fishing game. ED
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