Drunk Drivers.....

Posted By: Axeman

Drunk Drivers..... - 04/09/03 12:44 PM

Just wondering what it's gonna cost me if I get pulled over drunk in a golf cart? Not that I plan on EVER doing such a thing....

Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Drunk Drivers..... - 04/09/03 12:48 PM

don't pull over. I'm seeing a great episode on COPS. In fact, that gives me an idea............
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Drunk Drivers..... - 04/09/03 12:54 PM

ask Bill Thornton, he knows all the local laws. laugh
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Drunk Drivers..... - 04/09/03 03:30 PM

Put your drink in a covered cup.. otherwise you hit the speedbumps and wear it!!! Trust me, I learned that the hardway last year.. especially when you are sitting on the back seat of the golfcart facing the rear and can't see the speedbumps coming.

Yep, some of our group drove after a few beverages last year but were careful (sorta), you don't go that fast anyways!! But one friend Dan was a wacky driver so my other half put together this little slide show and sent it to all on our trip last year!

For your amusement

Hopefully that link works.. to the tune of George in the Jungle. So if you see that guy driving a golf cart.. run out the way! And if you spot him in May, go up and ask him if he is "Golfcart Dan"!!

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: evening

Re: Drunk Drivers..... - 04/09/03 09:50 PM

Penalty for CWI will depend on whether or not you are wearing the pink bathing suit... laugh
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