Tour the Island

Posted By: ejbpesca

Tour the Island - 04/11/03 07:12 PM

I had thought everything was in walking distance. Now I see golf carts for rent. Does AC have motorbikes for rent too?
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Tour the Island - 04/11/03 08:32 PM

just carts and bicycles I think. If you are staying close to SP, you wouldn't need one everyday. I think folks staying at resorts further south might rent carts or bikes by the week, because it would be one hot walk. I saw people walking from Mar de Tumbo beach area though. Lots of them. a cart is plenty fast enough. Depends alot on where you are staying, and if you mind walking.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Tour the Island - 04/11/03 11:01 PM

and there is now one ( maye two??) businesses offering scooter rentals.....not MY cup of tea and I actually found them personally obnoxious ( the scooters, not the people renting or riding)
Posted By: nameste

Re: Tour the Island - 04/12/03 12:20 AM

You can walk everywhere but on the north end and far south end. And, with a bike you can go everywhere, too. I saw scooters but that was the exception and when on AC you don't spend too much time on land anyway! cool
Posted By: seashell

Re: Tour the Island - 04/12/03 12:47 AM

I can't think of anything too much nastier than scooters in San Pedro . . .well, maybe the seadoos . . . nah, scooters win it.

Besides, the roads really aren't right for scooters, I wouldn't think.
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: Tour the Island - 04/12/03 12:55 AM

If you can't find a scooter try Tanks-R-Us, just off the beach.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Tour the Island - 04/12/03 12:57 AM

anybody know who the ex-pat is with the scooter biz?
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Tour the Island - 04/12/03 01:02 AM

Guess who it is pedro1 - only kidding it is Chris-and he has a little booth in Fido's
Posted By: klcman

Re: Tour the Island - 04/12/03 01:03 AM

hahaha right you !
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Tour the Island - 04/13/03 02:22 AM

haha! Larry, Tanks-R-Us, good one wink
Posted By: seashell

Re: Tour the Island - 04/16/03 06:39 AM

Here's some comment from another board. The talk is about rental moped's in Cozumel.

"Late yesterday afternoon, young woman tourist speeding wrong way down a one way street by Cinco Soles. Hit a local woman (hospitalized) with a young child (apparently unhurt). She died.

I hate be a wet blanket & have rented these myself on Coz in the distant past, but they are dangerous even when operated safely, as this one obviously wasn't.

I suspect that they may ban rentals someday."

Apparently, there have been a number of deaths and serious accidents involving mopeds/scooters in Cozumel lately.

I noticed that this was also a fairly serious problem, when I was in the Cook Islands. Despite the Cook Island of Rarotonga having really only one road, all nicely paved, set up for two way traffic going around the island, there were still numerous accidents. The hospital there is a scary place according to my local friends.

Just something to think about folks. I repeat. I don't think San Pedro is any place for scooters.
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