Susan and Xanadu are tops!

Posted By: Big Al

Susan and Xanadu are tops! - 04/15/03 06:28 PM


In july I will be making my first trip (with my adult family) to AC. We are looking forward to sharing your bit of Paradise.

I want to compliment Susan and the Xanadu operation for their tremendous help. They have been very responsive, timely and informative in answering all our "newbie" questions. I haven't even been there yet but was so happy and impreseed with their operation I wanted to make note of it on the message board.

I was also very pleased with Caribbean Villas who were also very helpful. They just didn't have the accomodations available we were looking for.

Belikins up to both of them. Counting down the days until July!

Posted By: Rubba

Re: Susan and Xanadu are tops! - 04/25/03 05:12 AM

Big Al....
You will really enjoy Xanadu. I think the place is fantastic. They have lotsa "rules" tho. We had the BBQ going, Dead on the stereo, Belikins emptying... and they werent to keen on our festivities. Certainly an awesome place to relax and enjoy, but if you want to "live it up" a bit, you'll need to do so in town, etc.
Have a great time...

Posted By: Okie Chris

Re: Susan and Xanadu are tops! - 05/01/03 01:42 AM

If you meet Susan's husband be sure to talk OU football......reminiscing about the old Switzer days while drinking a belikan was great.
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